How to use DropBox?

Now on the Internet there are a large number of file storage services (file sharing). One of them is DropBox. Roughly speaking, this is your personal place to save and use various files on the Internet. It is clear that to use this resource, you need to know how to download from the DropBox client itself. This operation is quite simple. I provide, here you must register and download the client to work with the resource.

After registering on the resource, you will be offered to download a special program for free, with which you can manage your files (resource interface or client software). The next question is: how to install DropBox? This is also easy to do. By the way, after registering, you already have 2 GB of your space for free. After downloading the installer, launch it, first enter your information (e-mail, password, first name and surname). Further tables will be displayed, where you intuitively press “Next”. Again enter your information in the window that pops up.

After that, select the type of installation, to start, if you do not know how to use DropBox, choose "Typical". If you have a free account, then 2 GB will be enough for the first time.If you select “Typical”, then the installation will be done by default, otherwise, select the “Advanced” option and install to another location (it is advisable not to install it on the system disk, because after reinstalling Windows, data loss will occur). After that, in the window, click the first selection option (thus, you synchronize your computer with your DropBox). Everything, from this moment, you are the owner of your personal storage of files and data on the Internet. Further we will describe in more detail how to work with DropBox, the basic techniques and actions of the user.

How to use your dropbox

Now that you are registered and have your own storage space, you can:

  • Easily provide access rights to your folders and files to any user. All this will be done by the method of linking to a specific file.
  • Your DropBox has the ability to synchronize with your computer. That is, by changing, for example, one of your “Word” files, DropBox will immediately change it and you will get access to the already changed file. Indeed, it is convenient when you are engaged in a collective, working on one project.
  • If you have a large number of files, and you do not want to fill up your already filled hard disk, upload your necessary files to the server and save them. You can also make a backup.

It is clear that at this resource, you need to pay money for 50 or 100 GB of space, but an increase is provided for free. To know how to increase DropBox, you need to go through several steps. To do this, go to “Get Started” (the program does not support the Russian language) and perform seven steps: install DropBox, write down several files, install DropBox on another computer, share your files, invite your friends, view the DropBox tour and install him on your phone. In this case, you will get 250 megabytes. You can also create accounts on social networks and get an additional 500 megabytes.

As for working with files on this resource, it is not difficult. As with any file manager, there is: deleting, getting a link (Share Link), downloading a file, renaming, and moving. By the way, this resource is also called the “cloud”.