How to use Instagram?

Daria Saraeva
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How to use Instagram?

Now, perhaps, every phone has an Instagram application or you receive a message about installing it, but you are not sure whether to use this program. What is the general program Instagram? It can be said, new and young mobile phone applications. It is downloaded and installed for free. This program allows you to take photos and attaches filters to photos and gives you the opportunity to publish them within your network, also allows you to share, share with other users and social networks your photos. Instagram displays photos of a square shape, unlike many others, which are usually 3: 2.

The work of the Instagram program

How to use Instagram? First you need to download the program and register with the Instagram service. To register, you need to follow the instructions in the application. After installation, a welcome window will open, then follow the simple filling out items and log in to Instagram. In the application itself, you can:

  • Look at interesting photos of other people.
  • In Instagram, you can view popular photos, they are marked by the number of "likes", they are displayed in the form of hearts.
  • You can embed your photos and edit them as you like.
  • There is also a News menu, where you can find out what is happening with your friends and acquaintances who have signed up for themselves - who signed up, who posted photos and whose photos they liked.
  • As in all social networks, you can add friends and search for them both by name and by profile. You can also search through your Facebook and other social networks, contacts from your phone.
  • Customize your profile (account). You decide where Instagram will post the photo you want, where you can choose from a list of social networks or which picture will be on your profile.
  • Instagram has 17 filters for photo processing, a blur effect and a sizeable selection of photo frames.
  • The application, which is in Instagram, allows you to see in advance what the effect will be.

You have Android and you do not know how to use Instagram for Android? - the developers of this program have taken everything into account especially for you, since it is a universal program, and the management is no different from the standard.Instagram application can be downloaded on AndroidMarket or PlayMarket and appStore.