How to use Nero?

Multifunctional software product Nero, designed and used to burn CDs and DVDs, is considered the most powerful and best among similar programs that exist today.

How to use the program Nero

Information about the various features of this program will interest both experienced users and those who are just about to install it on a computer. After all, if you know how to use Nero, you can use it to perform various operations with music, video files, as well as images, record on multiple drives at the same time, maintain overflow, create your own copies or your own CDs, copy even protected CDs -Discs. The program is easily customizable to the Russian language, so it became so accessible.

Burn disc

The program Nero StartSmart, expands the capabilities of users who need to create a DVD or CD disc, record or change audio.

Consider how to use Nero StartSmart when burning a disc.

  • In the Data category, select Make Data Disk.
  • In the window of the record disc click the Add button.
  • The Select Files and Folders window appears. Select the resource on the menu that contains the necessary files.
  • Select the folder to be recorded (file) and click the Add button. After adding all the folders (files), click Finish.
  • In the Final recording settings window that opens, check the box Check data after writing to disk and click the Record button.

Even greater opportunities gives the program Nero Burning, the most popular when copying and burning discs. Consider how to use Nero Burning to burn a disc.

  • Use Start Smart to launch the program and select the category of the disk you plan to receive: movie, sound, etc.
  • Hovering the cursor over the icon, you will see a list of tasks in the corresponding category. Choosing the mode “Create a CD with data”, you can burn to CD: document files, video and music files, etc.
  • After you select the disk you need, a window appears on the screen, in its left part a list of folders and files for recording (initially empty), on the right a list of your computer. Drag and drop files from the right folder to the left.At the bottom there is an indicator of the total size of the data selected for recording. It should not exceed the maximum possible value for a recordable disc.
  • When the list of files for recording is ready, click the Record button at the top of the window. A dialog box appears in which you need to specify the recording parameters.
  • Specify the recording speed, do not rush to choose the maximum value. It is better not to change other parameter settings. Please note that the item Imitation has been disabled.
  • To start recording, click Burn and watch the indicator changes.

Work with video files

If you often work with video files, you definitely need to learn more about how to use NeroVision. This program is designed specifically for editing this type of file. It will especially interest those who need to copy video files from media such as a video camera, camera, mobile phone. Managing this program does not require much effort and high professional training. Let's try using Nero Vision to create a clip yourself.

  • Click the "Browse" button and add the selected files to the new project.
  • We transfer photos to the processing panel.
  • Go to the menu "Show Audio", this button is located next to the navigation bar.
  • Move the desired music track from the explorer to the Nero window.
  • Adjust the display time of photos.
  • Set for each slide the desired period of the show.
  • Use visual effects between slides.
  • Click the button "View" and evaluate your creation.
  • Save the finished project using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl and S.

You can add captions or other inscriptions to the required place, you can take video from any other media, quickly edit these files and instantly create new DVD, VCD or SVCD video files. The program does not require installation, it can be run from a camera or camcorder, which improves usability.