How to use tincture from celandine?

Celandine is a plant that is found almost everywhere and has many useful properties. One of the ways to use it is to make tincture. Learn how to do it and use it correctly.

What is useful tincture?

The composition of the celandine and, accordingly, the tincture prepared on it includes a variety of useful components: saponins, tannins, alkaloids, resins, essential oils, bitterness, flavonoids, organic acids, vitamins C and A, as well as selenium, zinc and much more.

Consider the beneficial properties of celandine tincture:

  • The plant has a pronounced antifungal effect and helps to treat mycoses of different parts of the body: feet, nails, and the hairy zone of the head.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties allow the use of celandine in a variety of inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system, reproductive system, oral cavity and throat, respiratory and digestive organs.
  • Since ancient times, regenerating and wound-healing effects are known,which cause application in wounds, burns and other injuries of skin and soft tissues.
  • The plant contributes to the removal of toxins from the body, as well as the purification of all vital organs and blood.
  • The celandine has an analgesic effect, relieves spasms and eliminates convulsions.
  • The disinfectant and antiseptic properties are proved, which allow to destroy the majority of known pathogenic microorganisms and treat various infections.
  • The plant has a mild diuretic effect, due to which it normalizes the functioning of the kidneys and eliminates edema.
  • Tincture of celandine can be used after severe diseases to restore the body and strengthen the defenses.
  • The composition includes antioxidant components that neutralize the activity of free radicals harmful to the body. Such properties allow you to slow down the aging process of tissues and prevent cell degeneration and mutation.
  • Tincture is used to treat cancer. It is believed that it promotes the disintegration of tumors, and also prevents the formation and spread of metastases.
  • Celandine has a choleretic effect and promotes proper digestion.
  • The plant cleanses the liver and stimulates the restoration of damaged cells of this organ.
  • Tincture has a mild sedative effect, relieves nervous tension, eliminates the effects of stress and improves sleep.

Indications and contraindications

Celandine tincture is widely used, and the list of indications includes diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, pancreatitis, colitis, cholecystitis) and respiratory system (tuberculosis, bronchitis), cirrhosis and hepatitis, arthritis, pyelonephritis, mycoses, oncological diseases and malignant tumors, inflammations of the oral cavity, pharynx and gums (stomatitis, tonsillitis, gingivitis, periodontitis), as well as a variety of dermatological problems, such as papillomas and warts, wounds and burns, psoriasis and eczema.

Although celandine is very useful, in its composition there are a lot of toxic substances, and they can be dangerous for some categories of people. The use is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation, in children at least 10-12 years old, with severe mental disorders, cardiac rhythm disturbances and individual hypersensitivity.Do not forget that the plant can cause allergic reactions and side effects.

How to cook and use?

How correctly to use tincture celandine? First you need to do it correctly. Let's consider several ways:

  1. During the flowering period, it is necessary to disrupt the celandine along with all its terrestrial parts, shake off and rinse in running water. Chop the leaves with stems and flowers in any way and fill this one-liter jar to the top with this raw material. Next, pour the vodka, so that it reaches the neck. The container should be well closed and put in a cool enough and darkened place for at least two weeks. Next, the contents of the banks are filtered and accepted.
  2. Tincture on vodka can be prepared from dried raw materials, it is also quite suitable. They fill a liter container with dark opaque walls. Next, pour the vodka to the top. Cover the jar with a lid and store it in a room in which there is no direct sunlight, and the temperature is maintained at about 10-15 degrees. Such a remedy will be infused for a month, but every seven to ten days it should be actively shaken or stirred.To improve the effectiveness of the tool, you can add three tablespoons of honey.
  3. Another way to prepare tinctures - alcohol from the juice of the plant. First you need to get this very juice: add grass along with all the green parts and flowers, skip it all through a meat grinder or chop it in any other available way. Remove the mush for three days in the fridge to activate the beneficial substances. Next, squeeze the raw material, previously wrapped it in gauze or thin fabric. Pour this juice with a part of alcohol and three parts of purified water (it is allowed to use mineral, but not carbonated). Infused mixture at low room temperature for two to three weeks. It is not necessary to filter it, because it will be already cleaned and without impurities.
  4. The next recipe involves double insisting. It is necessary to place dried or fresh raw materials in any container, completely occupying it. Next, pour in vodka or alcohol diluted with water, so that it reaches the neck itself. The jar should be tightly closed with a lid or wrapped in cloth or rolled gauze, fixing it with an elastic band.After fifteen days of insisting in a darkened cool place, the tincture merges and strains, and the raw material is poured repeatedly with a new portion of vodka. Continue insisting for another month, and then filter the agent and start treatment.

It is necessary to use tincture extremely carefully. Typically, therapy begins with the minimum dose, not exceeding two or three drops per day. Daily dose is increased by a drop and gradually brought to a maximum of fifteen to seventeen drops. This amount dissolves in half a glass of water and is taken preferably in the morning on an empty stomach or at least before eating.

Further, the dosages are also reduced slowly, and the reception is completed. Then you can make a two-week break and hold the course again. Another option is to increase the dosage by two or three drops every day. But such accelerated therapy will suit only those who are already familiar with the celandine and know the reaction of its organism to this plant.

It is important to know: celandine is poisonous, so in no case do not increase the specified allowable dosage. During therapy, monitor your condition and, with anxiety symptoms, reduce the volume of the remedy or stop taking it. It is also advisable to seek a detailed consultation with your doctor before treatment.

Use celandine tincture correctly and with benefit to improve your health!

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