How to wash the wine?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 14, 2012
How to wash the wine?

During the celebrations, no one is immune from accidentally spilled alcohol on clothing. If this is vodka, then the problems, in principle, and no, but if the wine, and yes even red! Consider how to wash the wine.

How to wash red wine

First of all, before you wash red wine, you should determine how fresh the stain is.

Ways to remove fresh stains

  • rub salt into the stain so that the wine passes to it. Change salt as it is saturated with wine until the stain is completely removed. To improve the result, use a pre-prepared solution consisting of two teaspoons of ammonia, diluted in a liter of water. This solution is washed sufficiently discolored spot. After that, the rest of the mixture is removed with a damp, clean cloth;
  • wash the stain with hot milk, then wash the item well with regular powder;
  • stretch a cloth with a stain of red wine over the dishes and pour boiling water on it. Rinse until the stain disappears completely. This method can be used if you are confident in the quality of the product and dyes.

Ways to remove obsolete stains

  • To remove wine stains from wool or silk fabric, use the following solution: three parts of vodka and one part of liquid ammonia and glycerin. Apply the solution to the cloth;
  • a mixture of raw egg white and glycerin in equal parts is used to remove the stain from the colored fabric. Then rinse the cloth well in hot and cold water.

Useful tips on how to wipe stains from white wine

Fresh white wine stains are removed using carbonated mineral water. Fill the stain and rinse the cloth well.

Obsolete white wine stains are well removed with a glycerin solution. Wash the stained cloth with glycerin and then wash the item.

You can also use this solution: 1 cup water, 5 gr. soap, 0.5 tsp soda Soak the stain and wash it the next day. Be careful: low-quality dyes may suffer.