How to wear pearls?

Long since pearls are considered one of the most beautiful classical jewelry. But all the girls who prefer pearls need to know that it is not in harmony with all the outfits from the female wardrobe. Let's see in this article how to properly wear pearls

Earlier, the pearl thread was an indicator of a woman’s material well-being. And not all the ladies could afford such a decoration. In order to demonstrate to acquaintances a new outfit or a new adornment for him, it was necessary to wait for the “appearance”, such an outlet was considered various secular receptions, as well as a ball.

How To Wear Pearl Beads

Despite the rapid passage of time and the fact that much has changed in people's lives, pearls are still in fashion. That's just not everyone knows how to choose the right outfit for this decoration. After all, only a well-chosen outfit can turn a string of pearls into a truly divine image with luxurious notes of elegance and charm.

  • A loose long string of pearls will create a beautiful pair with a silk or satin dress.As for shoes, it is better to give preference to sandals with heels or stilettos. A simple, strict, classic hairstyle and a very light, invisible make-up will help you to complement the image. If you follow all the recommendations, you will eclipse all the women invited to a dinner party or reception with your beauty.
  • Nowadays, a short string of pearls can be worn as an accessory for an evening dress, as well as for a day one. Despite the fact that pearls are worn in a pair with evening dresses from ancient times, modern women can wear a strict office suit, a string of pearls, shoes with heels and go to work. And it will not look inappropriate. A great role is played by a properly chosen suit.
  • If you are interested in whether you can wear pearls over ordinary clothes, then you should remember the old shots of Madame Coco. After all, she was the one who practiced a new way of combining a pearl thread with a dense knitted fabric. She was not afraid to seem ridiculous or ridiculous, and simply made a note of luxury and celebration into a gray, everyday look. Coco had several different sized pearl threads. She refreshed them many of their clothes.However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the denser the material from which the clothes are sewn, the larger must be the peas of pearls.

Important nuances

  • Pearls, the size of a cherry, will be in harmony with a cashmere cardigan or a pullover made of wool.
  • Pearls will perfectly fit into the image with turtlenecks of one tone, dark trousers, jeans, dresses. A double pearl thread with a little black dress looks perfect.
  • If you do not want to spend too much time on the selection of a shade of fabric that would match the color of a pearl, then buy a gray pearl thread. It is gray pearl that has the ability to emphasize all the advantages of a stylish and sophisticated lady and refresh almost all outfits. Smoky pearls are a very good addition to a casual look.
  • If a woman prefers the youth style, then the pearl thread is perfect for simple cut of dresses, pants, tops and skirts, denim shorts.
  • Pearl thread with various inserts is suitable for women who want to draw the main attention not to the pearl itself, but to the insert, without emphasizing luxury.For example, a pearl thread with red inserts will be in harmony with a red clutch with pearl beads and the same color as a clutch shoe.

Pearls who can wear it

  • There is an opinion that pearls should not be worn by single women. He has a very good influence on family ladies.
  • If a pearl thread adorns the neck of a powerful, self-confident woman, then he has the ability to make her softer, softer and closer to other people.
  • Young girls need to buy pearl threads with small beads, no larger than 7 millimeters in size.
  • Thirty-year-old women will wear jewelry with beads with a diameter of no more than eight millimeters.
  • Women whose age has reached the age of forty should be given preference for decorations with beads of about nine millimeters in size. As you probably already understood, the older the ladies, the larger the pearls.

Now you know how to wear pearls, and which pearls correspond to a certain age of the girl. Consider that only a well-chosen outfit with a careless string of pearls can turn you into a beautiful and charming lady.