How to weave baubles with a pattern?

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How to weave baubles with a pattern?

Colored baubles from floss is a wonderful gift for people dear to you. Let's talk in this article about how to weave baubles with floss pattern. The floss, by the way, it is better to take quality, so that after washing the picture does not float. You will also need scissors and tape - to fasten the thread. Thread take different colors. The more the merrier. On the Internet, a lot of video weaving baubles with a pattern, but I hope that the schemes will help you no less.

The easiest weaving is a pigtail. Common braid of three threads. Usually baubles tangle it with pigtails, just sometimes there are more than three threads there. We first consider the weaving of four threads, or any pair number, 6, 8, 10.

Baubles with patterns: schemes

We take two central threads and shift the left thread to the right edge, left to the right edge. Everything is as usual.

Now consider the weaving of five threads. By this principle, you can weave from 7, 9 threads, etc. The principle is this: take the right thread and place it in the center, then the left thread, and alternate.There are three variants of weaving from five threads.

And more schemes baubles with patterns of six threads.

Thus braided baubles with patterns. Video of the process can be easily found on the Internet, there would be only a desire.

Weaving baubles with an oblique pattern

Let us now consider in detail on a concrete example, how to weave baubles with an oblique pattern. This weaving is very popular. There are many schemes weaving baubles oblique pattern. In oblique weaving, four knots are used; they are called and woven differently.

Here is a full cycle diagram. This is understandable by the placement of the filaments at the end and at the beginning; the same color scheme also speaks about this. This means that as soon as weaved one part, we begin to weave it again.

Now let's try to weave a pretty light bauble. This is already familiar to you oblique weaving, which is considered one of the easiest. Take six strands four times as long as the finished product. Take a colored thread, for example, each color for a pair. Tie a knot and secure. To make a string of our bracelet, weave a braid a couple of centimeters.

Go directly to the weaving. Arrange the threads by color.We take the first thread and tie two knots around the next thread. You also need to tie the subsequent threads. After going through the row, you need to select the first thread from the left again and knit the next row. Moving from left to right, the bauble will gradually lengthen until it becomes the length we need. Braid the pigtail again to make a tie. Tie a knot. The bracelet is over.

Direct weaving baubles with patterns

Direct weaving is much more difficult. You need patience for it. But then, you can weave interesting patterns, drawings and baubles with names. The beginning is exactly the same: fasten the thread, make a pigtail. The first left thread will be the lead during our weaving (it is better to make it longer). It is necessary to weave the first row with thread, after it to braid the main threads in reverse order, forming the second row. According to this principle, weave the remaining rows without changing the leading thread.

When you dock up to the beginning of a picture or picture, weave a lead thread over the main one, this will change the color of the knot. It is important to weave these knots in the other direction so that the thread can continue to weave.

Baubles are obtained in the end result bright and extraordinary.The more colorful the threads are used, the more interesting the bracelet comes out. After all, it all depends directly on your personal rich imagination. You can, for example, add beads or weave a soft wire. And if instead of floss to use ribbons, the decoration will be gentle and feminine. Braided bracelet is ideal as a gift. It is quite unusual and interesting. And most importantly, that you still invest in it a piece of yourself.