How who smokes?

Despite the fact that today the civilized world is actively fighting against smoking in a variety of ways, the number of smokers on our planet is still an impressive figure. In order to understand why this habit is so popular, in this article we will look at how someone smokes, what types of smoking are most harmful to health and how future smokers acquire their addiction.

The main enemy is the first cigarette

It is known that the vast majority of smokers in the world smoke cigarettes. According to statistics, they are followed by lovers of cigars or pipes and hookah. Interestingly, along with this health of the smoker, the cigarette causes the greatest harm.

Of course, an important role in this matter is also played by a number of individual features: from what age a person began to smoke, how many cigarettes / packs he smokes daily, how deeply he dries, etc. However, it is unlikely that even a smoker who smokes five relatively weak cigarettes a day from thirty years in the depths of his soul he does not regret his first cigarette ...

As a rule, at any age, the first cigarette seems to be innocent fun: almost no one plans after it to smoke for the rest of their lives. In addition, inexperience often suggests that no dependence on a cigarette can arise: the most common misconception among novice smokers is “I will quit smoking whenever I want”.

After watching the smokers for several hours, you can already understand how someone smokes: a lot or a little; cigarettes, pipe, hookah or cigars; “Having nothing to do” or, on the contrary, in the process of active work; from the agony of loneliness or, on the contrary, in a noisy company. But after all, all these factors are directly related to how exactly a person began to smoke.

We can safely say that many people become attached to smoking out of idle curiosity. Children who constantly see parents who smoke, unwittingly ask themselves the question: “What did they find in this?”. Adolescents, in a friendly circle who smoke almost everyone, sincerely want to realize this mysterious "thrill" of smoke in the lungs. Of course, they can try one cigarette and quit smoking for a lifetime: not everyone will like the tart taste in the mouth and light dizziness.

Image above all

But there is a category of smokers who began to smoke purely for visual effect. Indeed, at thirteen years old (and even earlier), you want to look adult and confident in yourself! Young schoolgirls, just starting to look for a woman in themselves, often naively believe that bright lipstick on a cigarette butt is the peak of sexuality and emancipation. In addition, they too often saw in the movies dazzling Frenchwomen who, with incredible grace, were dragged out by a thin lady's cigarette in a bohemian Parisian cafe.

Also, boys in transitional age dream of being like cinema machos, inhaling deeply the smoke and meaningfully blinking their eyes. So begins the almost unconscious craving for creating an image, which, by the way, is quite a dangerous beginning of smoking. After all, just quitting smoking is not as difficult as giving up your favorite role.

Invented sedative

Another one of the most common options when a person starts to smoke is the famous stereotype “smoking calms the nerves”. It seems that all of us have repeatedly come across the opinion that cigarettes help to relax, cope with stress, stop being nervous.

Many children, seeing how dad, who was angry with mom, immediately takes up a cigarette and a lighter, do the same in a similar situation in the future. The confidence that tobacco smoke heals mental wounds actually gives a minute relief: self-suggestion is a very serious thing. So it turns out that with the next depression, the hand itself reaches for the “salvation”.

But let us pay attention to the thought of Alain Carr, which he cited in his famous and very interesting book “Easy way to quit smoking”: really there are no stressful situations for non-smokers? How do they cope with them without smoking?

Are other types of smoking a solution?

Often, heavy smokers who cannot quit smoking at all are advised to find the least harmful alternative. Of course, you can recommend switching to weaker cigarettes, but a person who smokes two or three packs a day can thus begin to use three or four: he will miss the nicotine.

It is possible to switch to cigars or smoking pipes, since it has been proven that with these types of smoking much less smoke is inhaled than when smoking a cigarette.But at the same time it is worth noting that in this case there is a high risk of diseases of the respiratory system, as well as cancer of the esophagus and larynx.

Sniffing or chewing tobacco is also not recommended, because it threatens with cancer of the tongue and all sorts of oral diseases. Even smoking a hookah, in the smoke of which there is relatively little nicotine, is very dangerous, because the carbon monoxide contained in it actively destroys brain cells. Thus, we can safely say that a harmless type of smoking simply does not exist! Well-being and smoking are simply incompatible things.