I do not have work experience. If I write this, they will not take it, but if I write what is, and how then to work? What do i do?

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My advice to you, write the truth. Because if you write that you have experience and you are offered to do the work and demonstrate this very experience, you will find yourself in a very deplorable situation. You�ll never see a job, but the stigma of a dishonest person will stick to you, and then it will be even more difficult to get a job with him. Do you know how I once came out of a similar situation? When they asked me if I had any experience in this field, I honestly said that it was not, but that I was ready to study and they could have no doubt that in the shortest possible time I would master all that was necessary. I spoke convincingly, the effort made immediately. the results were not long in coming.The main thing to believe and really want, then you will succeed.