I myself! 25 star single moms

Woman’s Day found famous women who raise children without a husband.

Severe science statistics. According to her, about 30 percent of children in Russia live without a father. In the United States, with their family cult, the numbers are about the same, and in Europe even more: 37 in Finland, 38 in Great Britain, 54 in Sweden, 64 percent in Iceland! And these numbers are growing every year.

Among children who differ in antisocial behavior, approximately 85 percent of those who grew up in an incomplete family. This is understandable: a single mother has less time, money, and often the desire to do it for a child. However, recently there are cases when women have children without looking at the family - the weaker sex is becoming more and more strong, and if a woman decides that she needs a child, then the lack of a strong male shoulder next to her is unlikely to stop her.

Of course, the heroines of our gallery can afford to surround the child with care, income allows, if not themselves to devote a lot of time to the kids (career after all), then hire a nanny and leave the child without care.Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron and others not only give birth to their own, but also actively take foster, and this means that the status of a single mom does not bother them at all, they are completely confident in their ability to make one more little person happy. Or at least try.