I want a guy: what to do?

Romantic relationships sooner or later flow into intimate. And then there can be a lot of problems if, for example, the guy does not want a girlfriend, and she liked him. What to do in this situation, almost every girl wants to know.

Below we consider what to do if a girl wants a guy: how to interest him and what mistakes should be avoided.

Ways to attract attention

Having met the man you want, the woman often does not know how to behave in his presence. Here are some simple tips for attracting the opposite sex:

  • Always look at a man as if he attracts you in every sense of the word. The look should be seductive, long and promising. Men always notice such things, and if he likes you, then wait for a turn on his part.
  • It is also worth using non-verbal signals like licking your lips with your tongue when the guy is looking at you. Straighten your hair, cross your legs. Of course, in this way it is difficult to give a signal if the guy is dull, but it's worth a try.
  • Laugh with him and at his jokes. Often men are attracted to a woman who appreciates his humor. This is a kind of signal that a woman likes a man.
  • Particularly brave girls can simply invite a guy to their home for a cup of tea, which will be a direct invitation to intimacy. If a guy likes a girl, he will agree. The most courageous can even say directly “I want you,” and perhaps everything will be decided in favor of intimacy.

If the guy did not respond to your tricks, then it is worth thinking that he might not like you and how to solve this problem.

If the guy does not attract the girl

In this case, you can either drop the case and find an easier option, or go further and persist. In the second case, the best option would be to understand the reasons:

  • Ask the guy in cunning ways, what kind of girls he likes. After that, you can start changing yourself to please him. You may have to lose weight and go to fitness, start to get involved in what the guy is interested in, find common interests. In this case, you will try to become a guy close in spirit.
  • Do not start yourself physically.Guys in the first place love a girl with eyes. Therefore, it is always necessary at the meeting to try to look as beautiful as possible. Physical attraction plays a huge role in capturing the attention of a guy. It is almost always necessary to look as if you were going to appear on the cover of a magazine right now. A man will appreciate your efforts, and you will cause him a passion at the sight of you.
  • Men are also very appreciated when their girlfriend develops personally. Therefore, it is worthwhile to find an activity to your liking and develop in it. Thereby you will show the guy that you are not in apathy and stagnation, that you become better spiritually and physically. Guys are very fond of girls who read a lot and are able to maintain a conversation on any topic.
  • Be sociable, talkative and fun. No guy wants a boring sad girl who will be silent and remain in melancholy. However, it should be remembered that not all guys love talkative. Know how to keep the conversation going, make a funny joke, but don't be persistent, don't annoy your idle chatter.
  • And finally, do not fall into the material and love dependence on the guy.Most men love independent, self-sufficient and independent girls who will act like an adult. A girl who constantly will panic from any event, whining and giving up, is not interesting for a man who is looking for an adult held person. Men hunt for "prey", which is not so easy in the hands and which has a special value. Easy "prey", which is naive, too gentle and not prepared for life, does not attract real hunters.