If you cook Bulgarian pepper, then the only way. Awesome preparation for the winter with garlic!

There are many waysblanks for the winterBulgarian pepper. Some housewives put in snacks of pepper herbs and spices, some add seasonings and honey. Each has its own universal and proven over the years method. But in cooking, few people do without experiments. It is always interesting to try something new. Therefore, we have prepared for you a wonderful recipe.

Bulgarian pepper with garlic- This is an amazingly appetizing snack. This pepper can be added to various salads and soups. Also, bright food is not ashamed to apply to the festive table. In general, I advise you to cook - you will not regret!


  • Bulgarian pepper 3 kg
  • Greenery 1 bundle.
  • Garlic 10 tooth.
  • Sunflower oil 250 ml
  • Sugar 1 stack.
  • Vinegar 500 ml
  • Salt 3 tbsp.
  • Black pepper (peas) 5 pcs.
  • Bay leaf 1 pc.


  1. Peel the bell pepper as usual. Cut into large strips.
  2. Finely chop the garlic with a knife. It can be slightly crushed by the wide side of the knife. Finely chop freshly washed dill or parsley.
  3. Sterilize jars and lids.
  4. Cook the marinade. Mix 9% apple cider vinegar and vegetable oil in a saucepan. Add sugar, salt and bay leaf. Put the pan on the fire and bring the marinade to a boil.
  5. Pepper in portions send to the pan and cook it for 3-4 minutes. Then lay it in a jar, alternating with garlic and greens.
  6. When all the portions of pepper are ready, do not pour the marinade. Pour it into jars of bell peppers. Bay leaf before that you need to get, and at the bottom of the jar put black pepper peas.
  7. Close the jars with covers. Wrap cans with a blanket to cool slowly.

A little advice: to make the dish more bright and appetizing, you can use Bulgarian pepper in different colors.