Incredibly fast hairstyles for the busiest girls

Almost every day we think about how to manage everything and still be beautiful, how to make a simple and stylish haircut without spending more than 5 minutes on the process. However, it does not matter how long your hair is - short, medium or long - a quick and stylish hairstyle will help emphasize your dignity and hide flaws.

1. Scar in hair

Divide the hair into 2 parts, put the scarf on the shoulders and begin to braid the scarf. Tie a scarf on top.

2. Spit waterfall

Start weaving the same way as a simple pigtail. After the first crossing of the strands, release the lower one, replacing it with a new one, taken from above. Continue to weave a pigtail of the desired length and secure with a rubber band.

3. Low Node

Separate from the top a large section of hair, make an ordinary tail and cross-wise the gum with the remaining strands.

4. Twisted side tail

Gradually fasten on the strand to the base of the neck.Continue until a lateral tail is formed and secure the hair with a rubber band or stealth.

5. Tail with knot

Separate the hair at the back of the head and tie a strong knot. Repeat the knot and secure with a rubber band.

6. Double tail

Make 2 tails, so the hairstyle will seem bulky.

7. Bow of hair

8. Harnesses with stealth

9. Horse tail with pile

Gather the hair in a tight tail and slightly raise the bouffant with your hand. Separate the thin strand and circle the rubber band.

10. Asymmetric beam

Gather the hair on the back of the head with a rubber band, make a small fleece on each strand for the bulkiness of the beam. Carefully straightening the strands, lay the curls so that they give the impression of a bundle of curly hair.

11. Side tail

12. tail bangs

13. Spit short hair

14. Triple Twist

Make a light hair nap by the roots and divide the hair into three vertical sections (left, right and center). Ruffle the central part of the hair, twist the side strands and secure them invisible.