Installation of heating and water supply

Heating system

The engineering system of heating a private house is divided into the following main components:
- boiler room;
- piping system;
- heating devices.
A boiler room is a set of equipment that generates heat by burning some kind of fuel or converting electricity. Boiler rooms are located in a separate room or even a building. The boiler room equipment includes a boiler for heating water.In the cottage settlements with a centralized heating system, a heat point is provided as a boiler room.
The piping and heating system distributes heat to each room of the building by circulating coolant heated in the boiler room, which gives off heat to the room air.
It is with the laying of communications most often begin the installation of the heating system in private homes, with the pipes can be laid on the ceiling, floor or walls.Then mount the selected boiler equipment, and finally install the batteries.It is better to install radiators after finishing their installation places.
There are many options for heating schemes of private houses and cottages. It is desirable to choose a heating scheme at the stage of developing project documentation, taking into account the features of the construction object. The main parameters of the heating system - power, type of fuel (gas, diesel, wood, electricity), type of coolant, piping layout and location of radiators - depend on the total building area, ceiling height and wall thickness.
Water heating has the most favorable cost, besides it is the easiest to install and use.

Water supply system

The composition of the standard water system of a private house is as follows:
- water intake source (well, well or group of wells);
- external and internal pipelines;
- hydropneumatic tank;
- water pump.
First of all, an electric water pump is installed at the water intake source. A pipeline is being laid from the water intake to the house to supply water from the source to the water supply system.Before the entry point into the house is installed hydropnevmobak, capacity from 60 to 120 liters, depending on the intensity of water consumption and the number of permanent residents.To heat water it is cheaper to use gas than electric heaters.
After that, the pipe is held to the boiler for heating water and the installation of hot and cold water supply pipes to the sanitary equipment is carried out.