Invisible Bookshelf

In this article, you'll learn how to make your own"Invisible Bookshelf". Such a bookshelf does not look ordinary - the books seem to stick to the wall by themselves, and the bookshelf is very strong.

Materials and tools:

  1. a thick hardcover book;
  2. L-shaped large bracket;
  3. office knife;
  4. drill, screwdriver;
  5. small and large screws;
  6. tape measure or ruler;
  7. glue.

Step 1

Open the book at the very end (as in the picture); measure the center of the page with a tape measure or a ruler, here is the place for the bracket. Attach the bracket and circle it around the office with a pencil. With a stationery knife, cut through the pages to a depth equal to the thickness of the bracket so that the book closes tightly - without crevices.

Step 2

Using a stationery knife, cut through the recess in the cover for the bracket so that the book fits close to the wall.

Step 3

Put the bracket in place and align it. We take small screws (the length does not exceed the thickness of the book) and with a self-tapping aid, we fix the bracket to the book, screwing the self-tapping screw into the pages of the book - when the screws are tightened the pages of the book will rise, so they have to be pressed against each other. We do the same in the corners of the book to firmly fasten the pages.

Attention:Please note that if you do something wrong, then the pages of the book will go in a wave - watch for it. To avoid this, you can use scabs to press the pages tightly together. You can use a drill to tighten the screws, but it's better to use a screwdriver, so it will be more effective.

Step 4

We will glue the page and bottom cover with glue (PVA or carpenter's glue) and close the book. On the book from above, you need to put something heavy (a stack of books) or pull off the scabs, so that the cover tightly presses against the pages, and leave until the glue dries.