Can a beer nursing mom?

Irina Saprykina
Irina Saprykina
October 13, 2014
Can a beer nursing mom?

The question of whether beer can be nursing mothers, still remains open. On the one hand, there is a perception that the use of beer enhances lactation, on the other - the harmful effects of alcohol, which is present in this drink.

Does beer enhance lactation?

The answer is yes. Yes, beer, like any liquid, increases the amount of milk. However, another mechanism is connected here. The body of a nursing woman is subject to the action of two hormones: prolactin and oxytocin. The first is responsible for the production of milk, the second - for its entry into the milk ducts.

Beer affects the synthesis of prolactin, stimulating its production and thus enhancing lactation, but at the same time it also suppresses the synthesis of oxytocin, making it difficult for milk to enter the milk ducts. Such contradictory effects of beer can hardly be called useful. Most experts are inclined to believe that alcohol, even in small doses, inhibits lactation.

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What to replace beer

If a nursing woman has a strong desire to drink beer, this may indicate a lack of B vitamins in her body. In this case, it will be enough to include foods rich in these vitamins in the diet, namely:

  • Raisins, cranberries, dried apricots;
  • Green peas, parsley, spinach;
  • Pork, beef, chicken liver;
  • Tuna, pink salmon, pollock roe and sturgeon;
  • Egg yolk, quail eggs;
  • Pine nuts, sunflower seeds, pistachios;
  • Soy, lentils, green beans, beans, oatmeal;
  • Rye and bran bread;
  • Whole milk;
  • White mushrooms and aspen mushrooms (dried), champignons.

If the craving for drinking beer is still not reduced, the woman should seek the help of a doctor. You can learn more from the article “Why are they drinking beer? A nursing mother drinks beer: the norm or not.”

Non-alcoholic beer

Some women believe that if beer cannot be consumed due to the presence of ethyl alcohol in it, then alcohol-free is definitely possible. Perhaps there is no alcohol, but there are a lot of other harmful additives.Such a beer is usually sold in cans and bottles, and before buying it, it is worth exploring the label.

Of course, every woman herself will have to decide - to risk the health of the child in exchange for the desire to drink a can of beer, even if it is non-alcoholic, or not.