Can I guess pregnant?

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Can I guess pregnant?

Maybe you have a difficult problem. Or just interested to know the future. And even more so when you are in position! Future moms, looking forward to their baby, want as soon as possible to learn about how he will be. Well, how can you not go to the fortuneteller !? Particularly curious decide on this. And in vain. Because it is dangerous to guess pregnant. And it does not matter if you are wondering to someone or you are guessing.

What is the reason?

The point is this. The child in the womb is physically protected, but his soul is still very weak and vulnerable. It may be subject to bad influence or bad energy. Magical sessions and fortune telling, especially among fortune-tellers and sorcerers, have a strong energy and can affect the unborn child to the point of miscarriage. After a fortune-telling, some women who had everything in order were diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy. There are many such cases. And it does not matter on what issue a woman turns to a fortune teller. These may be questions about pregnancy, about problems not connected with it, about the future.The result can be equally deplorable.

There are cases when a woman comes to a fortuneteller, not knowing about her pregnancy. If the fortune teller is professional, she will quickly determine the state of the woman and refuse to guess. If you got such a fortuneteller, thank God that you didn�t get a bad one. Bad fortune-tellers may either not identify a pregnancy and agree to read fortunes, or close their eyes to the position of a woman and hold a session. Such fortunetellers often agree only because of the possibility of making money on your ignorance. Therefore, if you, as a pregnant woman, went to the fortuneteller, and she didn�t even give a hint about your situation, run away from her like a plague! This is the usual charlatan.

And if you are a believer, you should know that it is better for pregnant women to go to church than to guess and turn to fortunetellers, because this is a sin! Such help does not come from God, but from dark forces. Even if you get the right answer to the question, then be prepared for the fact that you have to pay for it in another way, which will be pleasing to the Devil. And no one gives a guarantee that this will not affect your baby.

Suppose you are not superstitious and still want to go to the fortuneteller. Then yourself mentally ask yourself the question of whether it is possible to guess pregnant women, and think about more real consequences.And if you find out something bad and then you get nervous? It can also seriously affect the health of the child. And it's not a fact that the fortune-teller predicts everything with accuracy, if not at all.

Therefore, if your future child is important to you, beware of fortune-tellers for the sake of his health.