Is tea harmful?

Tea is the most popular drink from the leaves of the tea bush, obtained by brewing, boiling, infusing. Tea leaves drink contains many different substances, such as vitamins, amino acids, proteins, minerals, essential oils, tannins, alkaloids, whose composition largely depends on the type of tea and the method of its production, and which, in general, have a beneficial effect on the body. In the same article we will talk on the topic: is tea harmful?

To begin, we note the positive qualities of tea:

  • It has a beneficial effect on various systems of the human body, which makes it an everyday drink for many, and even a curative for some.
  • The presence of tea caffeine (theine) in it provides a charge of vivacity, and at the same time acts gently and for a long time. In addition, tea has a calming effect (it all depends on the variety and method of making tea).
  • Affects the metabolism, thanks to various active substances.
  • Increases performance.

Is it harmful to drink tea?

Any food product can harm the body if it is not properly cooked or consumed (for example, excessive consumption).In addition, each person is individual, and there are people who are not recommended to use, both in general, tea, and its individual varieties, for example, people with individual intolerance to any components included in one or another type of tea.

As mentioned earlier, the composition of different types of tea is different; therefore, different types of tea are useful or harmful to different categories of people. When choosing, it is worthwhile to carefully study the properties of different types of tea.

At the same time, flower tea is recommended for teens, as it has a beneficial effect on the psyche (for example, fake). For older people it is not recommended to take a large amount of green tea, as they can cause problems with the digestive system. And for pregnant women, on the contrary, it is recommended to replace black tea with green tea, since it contains less tea caffeine, which is bad for the fetus.

Some people like to add honey or milk to tea. Is milk tea harmful? The answer is simple, tea does not become harmful when milk is added to it, but at the same time its useful qualities are reduced, for example, the level of antioxidants (the anti-cancer effect is reduced). And honey will be an excellent sugar substitute.

Thus, the harm from tea can be obtained only if it is not of high quality, or is not properly prepared. If you use properly prepared high-quality tea, then it will not harm your health.

The rules of the tea meal.

  • You can not drink very hot tea - the use of excessively hot food and drinks badly affects the digestive system. The temperature of the drink should not exceed 65 ° C.
  • How to brew tea, you can learn from the article: "How to brew tea?".
  • Do not drink tea on an empty stomach, it is better to use it after a meal (in 20-30 minutes).
  • Drink freshly brewed tea, as the "old" tea loses its beneficial properties, and can deteriorate.
  • Do not brew tea several times, as it gives all the useful properties for one brewing.

Now you know whether green tea is harmful, or any other variety. It is clear that the choice of this drink is individual, and it is very important to rely on your well-being after drinking this or that tea, even the most useful drink for most people may not be suitable for you.