Katy Perry made a splash on Met Gala

This year, the Met Gala Costume Institute Ball devoted its exposition to the influence of Catholicism on fashion, giving celebrities unprecedented scope for fantasy. We won’t wonder how much time it took to prepare each guest for the event, where God himself ordered to show one outfit more epic than the other - but then we can confidently say who managed to beat all the others. And this, strangely enough, is not Rihanna!

Furor was made by Katy Perry, appearing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a gold ultrashort dress Atelier Versace and with huge two-meter wings behind them. Drowning in a million snow-white and beige feathers, Katie, like a real angel, swam (you can’t tell otherwise, it was so heavy that she had a burden) in front of the cameras and even got to her knees picturefully, allowing the photographers not only to enjoy the moment, but also capture her image in the smallest detail.