Kogtetochka of legs for the table

Let's start with the fact that for several years now a cat has been living with us. And although the husband was against any pets, he gave up under the pressure of his children. But as is well known with mimishnaya purring, massage, stroking and other pleasures, go: torn furniture, wool in the whole apartment, changing the toilet, feeding and washing cat dishes, etc.

Kogtetochka legs from the table
The most unpleasant thing is, of course, the torn furniture is what the husband was not exactly ready for, because he never had any pets.

I found an excellent way out of the situation - a scraper, but unusual, but outwardly attractive and not occupying precious space on the floor. My idea was to do a scratching of the legs from the IKEA table that we bought last week.

The advantages of this scraper are:

  • do not need to buy a separate scratch
  • does not occupy additional space
  • makes boring table legs interesting
  • for a cat expanse

Stage 1: Materials

Scratching materials

We have assembled our IKEA table, although you can buy it and ready, it seems, it is called LINNMON / ADILS (there are different sizes).We took the countertop Galant and legs for the table Adils. We also used: a sisal rope (or a rope made of sisal, I don’t know how), double-sided tape, heat-insulating foam for pipes.

Stage 2: Cut the insulation

Cut the insulation

Cut from the heat-insulating pipe piece equal to the length of your foot or shorter by 5-10 mm. Then cut it along only one side so that you can put it on your leg. Wrap the table legs with these tubes. I used double-sided scotch from inside the foam, so that it does not fidget along. It is better to unfold the pipe in such a way that the incision looks inside the table, although this is not important, since afterwards it becomes completely invisible. These heat-insulating pipes make the legs of the table approximately the same diameter as the claws in the store.

Stage 3: Apply double-sided tape

Apply double-sided tape

It is difficult to add something here, it seems to me, the photos speak for themselves. We apply double-sided adhesive tape along the edges of the cut along the entire length of the tube and on the other side in the middle.

Stage 4: winding sisal rope

Winding rope

Fix the end of the rope

Wind the rope around the insulation as shown in the picture, pulling it tight. The bottom edge of the rope can be fixed with hot melt, I did it with white tape.

I love natural materials and texture, the rope of sisal completes the interior as well as possible, and the legs from the table became a hit for my cat Leah. In order to sharpen its claws, it usually uses the front legs of the table, but the advantage of the legs from Ikea is that you can easily change the front and rear legs of the table in places. So it will be a long time before sisal needs to be replaced.