Kylie Jenner offended by subscribers and deleted all photos of her daughter from social networks

Admired - and that's enough. We will no longer see touching pictures and Storiz with baby Stormie on Instagram Kylie Jenner, and all because she was offended by subscribers who were too straightforwardly discussing a four-month-old girl.

“They write bad things! Insult her and Stormy and say very unpleasant things. So Kylie hid her pregnancy for so long. She was afraid of such a reaction, "- said one of the girlfriends of the star. According to her, some particularly desperate commentators threatened to even kidnap the girl, which terribly frightened the entire Kardashian family.

Publication from Kylie (@kyliejenner)10 Jun. 2018 at 11:38 pdt

True, not all Kylie fans are willing to believe such an explanation. Many of them have long noticed that Stormy is very similar ... no, not to celebrity Travis Scott's boyfriend, but to her bodyguard Tim Chang.The version that Kylie’s entire pregnancy was hidden for this reason was so widely distributed on the Net and the media that Changu even had to make an official statement: “I communicate with the Kardashian family — Jenner exclusively within the framework of professional ethics. The assumptions that I am the real father of Stormy have no basis. ”

After Kylie removed all the photos that show the girl's face, the fans will not be sure. “It seems to be getting harder for her to hide the similarity between Stormy and Tim. Otherwise, why would you suddenly take such drastic measures? ”They wondered.