Learn to combine colors in your wardrobe (13 photos)

When choosing clothes, we are all guided by certain rules and take into account such important points as fashion trends, features of the figure, style and personal preferences. But no less important are the colors and their combinations. And how correctly to combine colors at drawing up of a wardrobe?

It is impossible not to pay attention

What are the colors?

All colors available in nature can be divided into three main groups:

  • Primary or primary. These include red, blue and yellow.
  • Secondary colors are obtained by mixing secondary colors. This group includes such as orange, green and purple.
  • There are also tertiary tones. They are obtained by mixing the secondary color with one of the neighboring primary colors. For example, these are the yellow-green color.

Surprisingly, white and black, in general, are not flowers, because to meet them in nature in its pure form is almost unreal.

Ways of combining colors


There are several ways of combining colors in the wardrobe. We list them:

  • The monochrome combination is, in fact, the use of one color, but its different shades, from light to darkest. That is, if you like, for example, green color, then you can create a tandem of its different tones: light green, grassy, ​​emerald, marsh.
  • Achromatic way of combination assumes using as the main colors such as black, white and gray. They are versatile and blend with any other tones. This option is most convenient and will help to avoid embarrassment due to unsuccessful combinations. The strictest and most conservative combination is black and white. But this option is boring and monotonous.
  • The complementary combination is the use of pairs of contrasting colors. Here are the most successful tandems: green and red, blue and orange, purple and yellow.

We take into account the appearance in determining successful combinations

How to combine colors in clothes and not make mistakes? When choosing the most successful combinations, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of your appearance, that is, to determine your color-type.

  • If you have dark skin and dark hair, then the following combinations will be optimal for you: orange and pink, black and red, red and gray, beige and green, plum and beige.
  • Owners of pale skin and light brown, red or light hair should pay attention to such pairs: chocolate and khaki, red and chocolate, gray and black, black and sand, white and black.
  • If you have dark hair and pale skin at the same time, choose something from such tandems as brown and cream, brown and gray, blue and beige, white and beige or yellow and brown.

Using the color wheel

What is a color wheel? This is a circle consisting of sectors painted in different colors. The most popular eight-sector color wheel, consisting of seven sectors, corresponding to the colors of the rainbow, and one purple. Conventionally, all colors can be divided into cold and warm. It is considered that cold with cold tones and warm with warm are best combined.

This is the basis

There are other circles, divided into many parts, painted in different colors. In this case, drawing the lines in different places of such a circle (for example, through opposite shades, diagonally or in one part) in accordance with the proposed schemes, it is possible to single out the most successful tandems.

Some important combination principles

We offer you to learn the basic rules for combining tones in clothes:

White, gray and black are combined with any other tones, so feel free to use them.

Dark and light

There is one small trick: if two adjacent colors are not very well and harmoniously combined, then you can rectify the situation by dividing them with white detail. For example, if the skirt and blouse do not look in tandem, put on a white belt and everything will change.

Remember that combining pastel and soothing colors is much easier than bright ones.

It is not recommended to use in a set more than three colors, otherwise you will look like a parrot. In this case, the main one should be one color (in some cases, two colors are permissible, but this can overload the image), while others should complement or refresh the main one, and in some cases mute it. If all the clothes are monotonous, then it will look boring.

Bright girl

It is believed that the top of the kit should be light, while the lower part will be dark.

If you use bright colors, then let them be placed at the top of the set, as these shades will make the face more expressive and bright.If such tones are located at the bottom, then the person can literally "get lost".

Raspberry and blue

It is proved that dark shades are slim, but light, on the contrary, are full. So in those places where there is excess volume, it is better to use dark, calm and muted tones. But in places with the missing volume, the bright and bright colors will be appropriate.

Absolutely all the pastel colors, such as peach, beige, soft blue, pink and others are combined with each other, so feel free to create such tandems, you definitely will not lose.


If your outfit is black, then you can choose accessories of almost any color.


If the main color is too bright and saturated, then complement it with calm shades to slightly muffle and subdue the riot of colors.

Do not care with bright colors.

If the tone of the set is muffled and calm, then you can safely choose bright accessories, they will enliven your image and complement it.

Brighten the part of the body you want to attract attention to.

Style and color

If you decide to combine contrasting dark and light hues, then take light ones as a basis, and using dark ones frame them using small details or, for example, accessories.

If you chose, for example, a multi-color blouse, then the other items of clothing should be monotonous, otherwise the image will be dazzled and ruffled.


Do not combine between a few dark tones or light, they can simply merge with each other and get lost on the general background.

Do not combine cold and warm shades of the same color.

Discreet gamma

Light tones are more suitable for daylight, but dark shades are appropriate in the dark. This rule will allow you not to feel embarrassed.

Pastel shades

If the boundary between the two colors falls on the problematic part of the body, then you risk drawing attention to this area. So not only are the combinations important, but also some small things, such as the places of the flower connections.

Successful and unsuccessful combinations

What colors can be combined successfully, fashionable and stylish? Here are some win-win tandems:

  • Red is combined with green, blue and gray.
  • Orange looks great with blue and purple.
  • Yellow is combined with blue and purple.
  • Beige looks great with brown and dark green.
  • Crimson can be shaded silver-gray.

Now unsuccessful combinations:

  • Red is absolutely not combined with sand, orange and purple.
  • Pink and lilac.
  • Blue can not be combined with green, brown and lilac flowers.
  • Yellow is not combined with pink and burgundy.
  • Gray can not be combined with sand and brown.

Now you know everything about the combination of colors in clothes and you will surely always look stunning!

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