The lunar calendar of plants

The gardening gardeners calendar for 2015 will tell you the exact time of planting your plants so that they will delight you with their growth, health and productivity. In addition, thanks to this assistant, you will be able to plan your affairs on the site without delay and haste.

The lunar calendar will tell you the exact dates for planting, harvesting, feeding, weeding and much more. Now you will know that you need to harvest not when you want, but in different phases of the moon, which we will discuss below!

The lunar calendar of plants and how to figure it out?

No matter how fabulous it may seem to us, the Moon, indeed, has a great influence on all life on our planet. Someone believes in it, but who refuses, but the real gardener knows what is at stake! From time immemorial, our ancestors caught this connection and passed this information to us so that we could learn their knowledge and experience.

This calendar takes into account the most important factors that need to be addressed and that is: the state of the phase of the moon and its position in the signs of the zodiac.Based on these factors, a calendar of favorable works was drawn up on your site, which can be carried out on different days of the month with great benefit. That is why, when drawing up your work schedule for the site, you need to remember not only its great influence on nature, but also on what phase and what sign it is in.

We will give you an example so that you understand better: the first and second phases of the moon contribute to the rapid growth of a plant that is saturated with health. During this period, you can start sowing seeds, planting seedlings, trees, shrubs, and flowers, as well as watering, loosening the soil, and applying fertilizer will have a positive effect on your crop. The waning moon is in phase 3 and 4. During this period, all crops grow not in growth, but in the root!

Remember that in the full moon, the new moon, in the days of solar and lunar eclipses in the area can not carry out any work. Take care of household chores or relax before a busy work, because so advises the lunar calendar of plants!

A more accurate and detailed lunar calendar of plants can be found here.

Moon in signs of the Zodiac

Aries - collect the fruits, work with the soil.

Taurus - plant trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. In such days, plant only bulbous plants!

Gemini - these days, occupy the sowing of climbing, legumes, grain plants. Pest control at this time perfectly reflect on your work.

Cancer - during this period, take care of your flowerbed and plant any plants. Harvest, but harvesting take up the waning moon.

Lion - engage in weeding, pruning, feeding, mowing plants, and planting is better to postpone for other favorable days.

Virgo - take care of home plants, as well as tillage and fight against insects and weeds.

Scales - any work in the garden will be favorable.

Scorpio - at this time it is best to do the fight against insects, weeds and plant diseases, as well as, harvest, transplant and care for plants.

Sagittarius - water the plants, but do not replant in this period.

Capricorn - during this period, engage in planting grains and root crops, because at this time they are more resistant to disease, weather conditions and pests.You can also harvest!

Aquarius - take care of harvesting, various medicinal plants, seeds, berries and other fruits.