Magical cleaning, or The useful cleaning space

How long ago it was ... And now there are plenty of such resources. Use - I do not want. And improve your life.

The merits of splintering

  1. Less responsibility. The less things you have, the less responsibility you will have. Because every thing requires a particular service. Getting rid of trash allows you to focus on the best care for things really necessary.
  2. Save time. The fewer things you have, the less time you spend on cleaning the apartment, and therefore, leave more time for yourself to rest and your favorite things.
  3. All attention is on the relationship. The less things you have, the more you will have the strength to improve relationships with loved ones and relatives. And all because you can give them more time and emotion.


Magical cleaning, or The useful cleaning space

How does the splintering mechanism work?

Power industry

Any space in which there are people, accumulates energy. Positive and negative. And she settles on things.Things that are not used, begin to give negative energy back. You have probably noticed that running a mess causes negative emotions - sadness, depression, apathy.

"Disorder on the table - a mess in my head"

Home disorder settles in our heads, and, leaving the threshold of the apartment, we carry away with us the idea that our life and feelings are in disarray. And even if it seems to us that on the street, in the office or elsewhere, we feel differently, the surrounding people read the actual state of our mood through body language, behavior and so on. And they react accordingly: "If you are yourself in a mess, I'll even more confuse you / impose my idea / take your confusion for my own purposes." Harmony with the house, respectively, leads to harmony with the outside world.

“Before something new comes, something old must go away”

Everything is clear: you want to get a new dress - part with the old, bored. The same thing happens with new ideas and their implementation. When we do the clearing at the external level, we release energy for internal change, and also announce our willingness to change and accept only the best in our lives.

Many compacted zones

If the apartment has a lot of local blockages (trash on entresols in the corridor, under the bed in the bedroom, in the closet in the hall), negative energy will fill the whole house. Such a space will push you out of the apartment (you will stay at home, at work, to be less at home).

Magical cleaning, or The useful cleaning space

How to start chalking?

With the biggest debris that irritates you the most. Further, with a good result and, accordingly, the mood, you proceed to small.
Get four baskets, plastic or cardboard boxes, even large bags fit. Sort all the things that you planned to parse. In the first basket, add the frank garbage (things to throw out), in the second, send what you can give away (to a charity center), in the third basket add what you can change / sell. If a thing is stale, it is easier to give it away, free the place quickly. In the fourth basket, add up the really necessary things, and after sorting, place them in their places.