Maslenitsa 2016: traditions, songs, poems, congratulations!

Maslenitsa 2016 is the most fun celebration since ancient Russia. This is a kind of echo of the pre-Christian period, when the Slavic people belonged to the pagans. Then the sad holiday was dedicated to commemoration of the dead, but over the years it turned into a lavish merriment with abundant eating of delicious pancakes and entertainment and ritual games. Russian Maslenitsa is celebrated the whole week from March 7 to 13, and all its rituals are interesting and unusual in their own way. The snow towns, the stuffed Winter of Marena, the roller coaster, the bear fun, the Petrine masquerade, the buffoonery, fisticuffs, petrusher comedies, memorials, farming, marriage and family ceremonies, filled the week of Shrovetide heavily and entertained people who were tired of winter cold and endless snowfall.
Maslenitsa 2016: traditions, songs, poems, congratulations!

Folk traditions of the celebration of Shrovetide

From time immemorial to the celebration Maslenitsa was prepared in advance. Both in the city and in the villages, the preparation for the celebration began on the Saturday of the preceding week and was called “Little Butter”. The guys were going to companies and went around the neighborhood in search of bast. Then they met people returning from the auction, and asked the traditional question: “Do you carry Shrovetide?”. For a negative answer, companions were given decent cuffs with collected bast shoes.
Unlike the small, the broad Maslenitsa is generous with its national traditions. Cheese week is quite diverse and is written literally by day:

  • Monday (“meeting”) is a day dedicated to the rolling of ice slides. The longer the sleigh goes from the mountain, the more fruitful the year will be;
  • Tuesday ("game") - time to start playing in the open air with further preparation and collective eating pancakes;
  • Wednesday ("gourmet") - a day of magnificent feasts. All the hostesses were preparing a lot of different delicacies, which set the festive table. The crown dish, of course, were pancakes.
  • Thursday ("revel") - a time dedicated to the expulsion of winter. Young people rode horses around the village in a clockwise direction.Men in this case were given an honorable role - the defense or the taking of a snowy city.
  • Friday (“cracks of the evening”) is a day for visiting parents. Sons-in-law certainly came to visit the mother-in-law, and they in turn tried to feed them to their fill.
  • Saturday ("Zolovkiny Whitecases") - guest day. On Saturday, the whole family went to visit, visiting each of their relatives and friends in turn: grandparents, godparents, brothers and sisters, etc.
  • Sunday (“Forgiveness Sunday”) is the day for requests for forgiveness from relatives, friends and acquaintances. On forgiveness Sunday they visited the temple, the cemetery, the parents, and then they organized festivities with feasts - the last before the upcoming Lent.

The best Russian songs on Maslenitsa

Maslenitsa 2016: traditions, songs, poems, congratulations!

Songs at Shrovetide 2016

Maslenitsa is not just an abundance of delicious pancakes at the lush table in a cozy home environment. Most of the celebrations usually take place directly on the street. On the days of the Shrove week, each person, participating in various games and customs, helps nature to say goodbye to winter and wake up from sleep. During the festivities, the cheerful and well-fed people dance ceremonial dances and sing the best Russian songs on Maslenitsa.

Merry Poems for Pancake Week 2016

Maslenitsa 2016: traditions, songs, poems, congratulations!

Poems at Shrovetide 2016

Games and entertainment on the wide Maslenitsa were not limited to uncontrolled eating pancakes and sledding. The weekly program included a lot of fun and carefree street entertainment: the ritual games of “Sheliga” and “Charging”, the tradition of the kisses, the burning of stuffed winter. At the same time, almost all the usual events were accompanied by loud chants and funny poems at Maslenitsa.

Short congratulations on Shrovetide

Maslenitsa 2016: traditions, songs, poems, congratulations!

Congratulations on Shrovetide 2016

The celebration of Shrovetide is famous not only fun. During the week, people conducted many rituals aimed at improving the harvest, strengthening the family, protection from evil forces. The hosts and hostesses decorated the ring from the cart and wore it through the streets, thus begging for mercy from the sun, read conspiracies from the witch’s spells, created charms for the whole year and, of course, congratulated all their relatives.
In modern Russia, from the abundance of old traditions, you can find only the most cheerful and carefree. But short and simple greetings with Maslenitsa always have a place to be!

Pancake Day in kindergarten and for schoolchildren

Maslenitsa 2016: traditions, songs, poems, congratulations!
Today, the Russian Pancake Day is celebrated not only in the family circle or on street festivities. Even in kindergarten and in schools, this cycle is emphasized. In honor of celebrating the winter, funny matinees are held with various performances, games, rites, poems and songs. Maslenitsa in kindergarten is a kind of acquaintance of children with folk traditions, culture, history of the native land and our ancestors.
Carnival 2016 is logical from its beginning to the very end. On the last day of the Carnival week, the major notes are replaced by minor verses, songs and rituals.