Megafon account: how to register?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
February 19, 2015
Megafon account: how to register?

MegaFon Personal Account is the most convenient service that allows a subscriber, without the help of an operator, to view the terms of their tariff or change it, learn about additional options and subscriptions and disconnect or connect them, etc. Of course, your personal account greatly simplifies life to the subscriber and saves his time, while registering with the service is very simple, let's see how.

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  1. Enter the service page, enter your number in any format in the "Phone number" field.
  2. Send USSD-command * 105 * 00 # from your mobile, a call, you will see the notice “Password sent to you in SMS” on the phone display.
  3. Wait until the password is delivered, and enter it in the "Password" field, click "Login".
  4. All! Done! You are in your account!


In the top line you will see your name, balance, and the ability to switch to the old version of "Megafon Personal Account" - "Service Guide",if you didn’t use your personal account before, you don’t need to press this button, otherwise you can activate the old interface - you may be more comfortable and comfortable in it.


The entire menu of the personal account is divided into three categories:

  • Account - here you can replenish your account and a friend’s account, activate “Promised payment”, view monthly expenses, spend bonuses.
  • Services - this section allows you to customize the tariff and tariff options, explore subscriptions, add the number to the black list, etc.
  • Support - the section allows you to set up a personal account and contact the operator for support.