Meitu app for anime style selfie: download or not?

Eyes, like the characters of anime, and the background, like in the universe of the rainbow meme Nyan Cat ... You probably have already seen the sweetest pink pictures that have flooded with Storiz and Instagram tape since yesterday? The application Meitu to create "nyashes" for two days topped the charts of the App Store and Google Play. On the Web, you can find processed images of Donald Trump, Justin Bieber and even Ryan Gosling, who, after filming in the vanilla La La Land, is very happy with this whole pink candy image.




However, before you test all this grace and try to turn into a little one yourself, we advise you to wait a bit. The application, as it turned out, is not as cute as it may seem at first glance - it reads all the information about the owner's smartphone (including not only geolocation, but also personal information, including data from the SIM card!).