Mom in law: a woman is obliged to give birth to a court decision

Mom is very tired to go pregnant. A daughter, it seems, troll it before birth: training fights simply plagued the poor woman.

“Hurry to give birth!” - such a thought must have visited every mommy during the last stages of pregnancy. Swollen legs, a huge belly, it is impossible to get comfortable either in a chair or in bed, the impression that you are not a woman, or a whale, or a hippopotamus ... In general, those are still joy. Kylie Beizs felt them for themselves in full. She was pregnant for the third time, the long-awaited girl was about to appear - a great company for Kylie’s two sons. But "just about" - the concept, as it turned out, is very extensible.

“But when are you already born” - with such a thought a woman woke up every morning. "And I'm not in a hurry," thought the baby, in response. She probably thought: her thoughts are unknown to us, but Kylie sighed, got out of bed and went to work. In America, after all, maternity leave is supposed only after childbirth, and then only for a short while.At work, Kylie was greeted by friends: “Have you not yet given birth ?!” The woman sighed again and went to her desk - she works as a clerk in court.

Photo: @americanforkhospital

And then - about a miracle! - began to fight. Kylie rushed to the hospital almost skipping. But when I reached it, the fights stopped. “No, you are not giving birth. It's too early, ”the doctors said. The next day, Kylie again sadly trudged to work. "You again?! Are you still pregnant ?! - colleagues already resented this behavior of Kylie's daughter. - Maybe you will stay pregnant? Forever?"

“These false labor pains, false childbirth are the most unpleasant in the last trimester of pregnancy. I was pregnant three times, and each time there were training bouts ”, -.

The colleagues of the unfortunate mother already had no strength to look at her torment. But what is there to help? Chief Kylie Judge Lynn Davis decided to at least defuse the situation. “Let's write her a court order for eviction. Suddenly it will work, ”she suggested to the upset woman. She waved her hand: come on!

Photo: @americanforkhospital

"You must vacate the occupied territory within three calendar days, including weekends and holidays," the prescription says.And all because "you cause inconvenience to your mother, including heartburn, swelling and the inability to move." And the standard sanctions that follow if the child does not comply with the court decision are listed: forced evictions, fines and other troubles. “You can contact the landlord to discuss the details” - this ends the order. “For the first time in 31 years of my work, I sign something similar,” admitted Judge Davis.

And you know, it worked! 12 hours later, after Kylie received an e-mail, she started having contractions. The girl, it seems, was very impressed with the strict tone of the official document: she was in such a hurry to be born that the delivery lasted only two hours. Baby called Gretzel. She is completely healthy, and her mother is just in the seventh heaven with the happiness that her daughter is finally near. And not inside.