The Mummy Returns: The First Trailer with Tom Cruise

For those who love movies about the ancient curses, Egyptian sarcophagi and avenging pharaohs, Universal film company is preparing to present a new part of the "Mummy". In the story, a special-purpose squad, conducting an antiterrorist operation, inadvertently awakens the daughter of the Egyptian pharaoh, Amanet, who slept in her tomb for thousands of years. Waking up, the queen did not appreciate the world of "iPhones" and "Tynder" and decided to restore order. “She will not stop until she makes this world her own,” says an alarming voice in the trailer, and judging by the frightened faces of the heroes (the same timeless Tom Cruise as well as Russell Crowe and Annabelle Wallis starring), Amanet doesn’t joke intends to.

By the way, the role of the angry queen went to Sophia Boutelle, a past dancer, and now an actress, whom you could see in the films Street Dancing, Kingsman: Secret Service and Startrek: Infinity. A new name that is definitely worth remembering!