Named the most influential brands - 2017

Sonya Morsikova September 26, 2017

Consulting company Interbrand has ranked the world's best brands. The list includes those that outperform competitors in financial performance and own social networks, in other words, they know the approach to millenials. In Sotka, you can find sports brands Nike (18th place) and adidas (55th place), fashion houses Louis Vuitton (19th place), Gucci (51st place), Burberry (86th place) and Prada (94th place), Cartier jewelry brands (65 place) and Tiffany & Co (81 place), democratic brands Zara (23 place) and H & M (24 place), and McDonalds (12 place), Pepsi (22 place), Lego (67 place), Netflix (78 place) .

Who headed the rating? On the first line - the company Apple, the cost of which is 184 billion dollars. In second place is Google, in third is Microsoft. Let's study the top ten most influential brands - 2017.