Nikita Mikhalkov said he was jealous of Harvey Weinstein

At a press conference in honor of the opening of the 40th Moscow International Film Festival, Nikita Mikhalkov spoke about the main movie scandal of the year - Harvey Weinstein's accusations of sexual harassment (more than 80 actresses, including Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek, were accused by the Hollywood producer).

"You know, I can only envy Vainshtein," answered the president of the film festival. - When you, not having the appearance of Alain Delon, love such beautiful women! I do not say for what. But all together - this is absolute pornography. ” Nikita Mikhalkov assured that Catherine Deneuve takes the side in this story. "What are you doing? You destroy relationships between men and women. You scare men, prevent them from approaching women by attracting them to other men, ”he said. - It seems to me that this is a kind of tendency that cannot be accepted by me personally. I understand that this is also “non-handshaking” and now I will be even more.But, as Heine said, a woman who ceases to be a woman turns into a bad man. "