Non-standard use of zig-zag tape ...

The decoration of the three-dimensional braid gives the product an elegant look. This method can be used, for example, for finishing the edges of a jacket, decorating a collar and cuffs on a blouse, and also on trousers to emphasize side seams. Before sewing the braid, priposadite it, holding the iron at some distance. If the braid can be washed and it is intended for a fabric that can also be washed, it should be soaked in hot water for 10 minutes for the same purpose. Dry the braid on the towel, iron, placing the face on the towel, so as not to deform it. This tape is usually sewn by hand, but for speed you can use a sewing machine. If the foot enters the braid or does not hold the line, remove it and stitch without it.

To finish looked neatly, it is desirable to arrange the tape so that its ends were tucked into the seams. When you need to process the angle, flat tape can be folded by 45 °. A band of thick cord is better to sheathe the corner.Decorative curls made of braid from soutazh can be stitched on the machine in the center of the braid. It is not necessary to guide the braid from the soutache if you feed it through the plastic tape of the machine attached to the foot, as shown in the photo. Then your hands are free to guide the fabric.

If the fabric does not lie flat, put a gasket from the inside out. How to attach a braid tape Attach tapes with special liquid glue "for basting" or with a glue stick. If the braid is made of heavy cord, remove the foot of the machine. Stitch the tape with a suitable thread or thin single nylon thread, evenly pushing the fabric under the needle. Try to start and finish sewing tape at a distance of 1.3 cm from the edge of the seams. Spread the end of the braid and trim the excess.

How to sew a tape from soutazh

1) Draw a pattern on the fabric with a pencil or chalk. Put a fixing pad under the fabric with a pattern, which is then easily removed.

2) Attach a piece of plastic tape to the special tab on top. Pierce it in the center above the hole for the needle on the presser foot. Hole must match the thickness of the tape.

3) Drag the coiled tape through the hole.Insert the foot into place.

4) Sew short stitches in the center of the braid. Guide the fabric so that the needle goes along the pattern. The tape will go to the car itself. Remove the gasket. Slightly iron the fabric from the back.

An interesting use of zigzag braid. Braid decorate bags, pillows and even dresses. Connection of two pieces of fabric can be decorated with braid and embroidery.

Cloth tablecloth or napkins can be decorated with a border of wavy braid:

Baby clothes can also be decorated with wavy braid and embroidery:

Coupon of two strips of braid:

You can decorate any items with flowers from the remains of fabric and braid, it's beautiful and unusual. Flowers from wavy braid

To make a flower from the braid you will need: - wavy braid of any color.

The length of the braid will depend on the size of the flower that you want to make. - a small piece of thick fabric - a needle - thread under the shade of the braid - scissors - decorative buttons or large beads.


1. The band must be folded in the form of an accordion.

2. In the needle, thread the desired shade and sew the braid so that the sausage eventually turns out.

3We take either end and turn around in a circle. The end must be carefully hidden in the center so that it is fixed.

4. The other end is cut off and sewn with the bottom so that it is not for shaggy and not frayed.

5. Slightly open the workpiece and straighten the petals.

6. Take a thick cloth and cut a medium-sized circle out of it. Secure it with glue on the workpiece.

7. In the middle of the flower, add a large bead or a beautiful button.