On the divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana will remove the series

What do we know about the relationship of Prince Charles and Princess Diana? Thank you to journalists, enough: the story of one of the most popular royal couples is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for documentaries and books. But why are they worse than Queen Elizabeth and Prince Albert, Kate Middleton and Prince William, or Megan Markl and Prince Harry? In other words, why not also shoot a separate series about them?


Publication from PrincessDiana ???? (@dianaremembered)Feb 5, 2018 at 9:12 PST

The creators of the series “Enmity”, who chose Diana and Charles as the main characters for the second season under the title “Buckingham Palace”, will take over this soon. Filming has already begun, so this year - although it is not reported exactly when - prepare for the new version of the complex relationship between the Prince and Princess of Wales. Recall that the first season of “Enmity” - “Bette and Joan” - told us about the backstage rivalry of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, which began during the filming of their joint film “What happened to Baby Jane?” In 1962 and then continued for many years .The author of the idea, Ryan Murphy, who donated TV viewers including “American Horror Story,” said that he wanted to reflect the lives of Prince Charles and Lady Dee at a time when they became aware of their break, and until the death of the princess in 1997 in a car accident.

Princess Diana, by the way, will appear in the third season of the TV series “Crown”: as is the case with “Enmity”, it is not yet known who will play the “Queen of Human Hearts” on the screen, but in the fourth season she will become one of the main characters.