On the sworn enemy of Sherlock Holmes - Moriarty - will remove the series

Arthur Conan Doyle gave us not only Sherlock Holmes, but also an incredible villain - Professor Moriarty (which only the last episode of the fourth season of the Sherlock TV show cost, when the antihero, which everyone considered dead, landed on the helicopter for the song Queen - according to polls, this particular scene was called one of the best in the entire history of the series!).

Catching an interest in Moriarty, the company Playground Entertainment decided to purchase the rights to the screen version of the collection of Kim Neuman's stories and release ... the series. It will be based on the story "Professor Moriarty: Dogs d'Herberville", from which we learn about the evil counterparts of Holmes and Watson - Professor Moriarty and his right hand, Sebastien Morana, who are at the head of a powerful criminal organization, subjugating London to themselves.