One friday or children is happiness

6.50 Awakened son. Turned on the kettle

6.55. Awakened son. Made scrambled eggs.

7. 05 Waking my son. He fell asleep in the toilet.

7.35 I went to school. Returned. I forgot the shift. Gone to school.

8.32 Sent by SMS. I forgot my T-shirt for fiz-ru. Requested to bring.

9.05 We left the small house. Walking in the morning is useful. Especially at minus nineteen. Took the shirt.

12.35 I called my son - to say that he did not linger after school. On the street, minus eighteen. On training to two. Did not pick up the phone.

12.40 I called my son ...

13.10 A piece of petty. Let's go look for. Walking is useful. Especially at minus eighteen .. Ah! I spoke already.

13.20 Found at the school. Rolled downhill. He acted as an ice-house, radiated happiness. I promised myself not to yell. Did not fulfill the promise.

13.30 House. It turned out that the training was postponed to 15.00, did not understand the claims. He orientated, he portrayed repentance. Was convincing. Saw valerian. It was a shame.

13.50 To the question about the assessment, I was pleased with the fives in English and physical education.

14.00 In the electronic diary, an assessment is found for the control in English 2/5. Depicted repentance. I did not want to upset my mother.Was convincing. Saw valerian. Experienced despondency and sadness.

14.30 Gave money for travel, phone, mittens (gloves were lost twice), let out for training.

17.30 I went with my husband and with small shops. Called the eldest on the cell. Was unavailable. Called home. Did not take. And so six times. I was anxious ... Yes, your mother !!!

18.10 We arrived home, found in the parking lot. Almost a snowman. Lost your keys. The phone sat down. Relieved and willing to kill. But relief is more.

18.30 I learned that sand was poured inside the plastic case of the dumbbells. It was poured. Inquisitive son portrayed repentance. Not very convincing. Vacuum cleaner light beige carpet with a long nap.

19.00 - 21.00 Did the lessons. No comments. Somehow I will write separately.

21.10 I burned toilet paper in the toilet, melted the toilet seat. Denied. In the face of iron evidence surrendered. Repentance is not depicted. Lost the ability to experience emotions. She gave her husband valerian.

22.00 Go to bed. Did not go kissing before bedtime. I am also a person, I have the right to be offended.

22.03 I went to kiss before bedtime. Yazhemat. I have no right to be offended.

22.30 I came to say that tomorrow they were asked to give a talk on music about romance.