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I think about the fact that our Ukrainian customers distribute some simple but necessary things with our logos. To remember the company) But what could it be? A cup? Trite. A pen? All too tired. And what else?
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Give stickers to the car. Now many people like to stick something. And if they like your company, they will be only happy to carry its logo on their cars.
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Oleg Fedorenko
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Mugs and pens? Yes, maybe it's trite. But who does not use mugs and pens? Show me this person. Everyone enjoys. That is why such advertising is effective.
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I can tell you that a sticker for wiping screens of mobile devices can be a necessary and pleasant souvenir for customers. You can read more about this here. The company, the link to the site of which I threw off, is engaged in making these stickers and applying logos on them.
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Fedya Graf
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An accessory is good, but I would act a little differently. Collect contacts, keep records of who does what, and sometimes two or three times to make SMS-mailing via StandartSend.ru in the form of an e-mail with a business proposal or a promotional sale.