Original greeting?

Share your original greeting ideas? My childhood friend has a birthday soon, we live far away from each other, and because of the time difference we rarely communicate. But still I want to give a sign of attention. Maybe send a postcard? This is probably now quite an unusual version of congratulations.
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Answered 18 april 14:50
Send a greeting card or even a small parcel with a gift - this is a great option. But there is one BUT - you write that the birthday is soon, and the girlfriend lives far away. May not have time to get there.
Answered 18 april 14:57
In our time, everything can be done through the Internet. Order a gift in a country where a friend lives - and she will get it in a couple of days. Maybe make a video message in Skye, if it’s personally inconvenient to call. Or, as an option, you can order a voice greeting on the phone, so that a friend can be congratulated with a celebrity voice - also very original, I think. Here, for example, look
Answered on April 18, 15:01
Do you want to just give a sign of attention? There is a great way - a flash mob in social networks, when strangers write a message with congratulations at your request, you can try.