Original panel: three-dimensional paintings on embossed foil

Three-dimensional paintings look very interesting. Even the simplest picture with an interesting texture and form will look spectacular. The stamping on the foil will give any image a zest. Cope with such a project can even a child, for example, the author remembered exactly what she was taught in school.

For the project will need:

  • piece of cardboard;
  • solid aluminum foil;
  • drawing template (you can draw or download online);
  • glue gun;
  • PVA glue;
  • yarn;
  • colored permanent markers.

Print the selected pattern on a white sheet and stick it onto the cardboard with white glue. If you draw well, you can draw the picture yourself on a piece of paper or directly on the cardboard.

Now lay out the picture on the contour of the yarn, gluing it with PVA along the entire length. Yarn can be of any color, because it will not be visible.

As a template, you can use any coloring.Or you can choose any image that you like and emphasize its contours with threads.

You need to wait for the glue to fully set and dry before proceeding to the next step. Take a sheet of foil that will be several centimeters wider and longer than the cardboard and remember it well. Then straighten the sheet.

Cover the yarn with a thick layer of PVA glue, and then lay the foil on top. It is necessary to press the foil in such a way that the relief of the drawing appears through it. Carefully smooth out any folds on the foil. In some places it is very convenient to make an eraser that is attached to a pencil.

After the foil has stuck, color all flat parts with permanent markers. Protrude the areas to be colorless.

Fill in the color of all the panels. You can give some parts of the picture volume, arranging the colors and shadows. For example, yellow accents are added to yellow pears.

The result is an interesting and original picture.