Original steel wedding

After a period of habituation to each other and several tests of the strength of family ties, which characterize the first decade of living together, the couple moves into a different stage of the relationship. It is clear that, having lived together, the spouses are simply attached and get used to each other.

Moreover, most often during this period they already have at least two children, which means that we can talk about another powerful binding factor. Usually, by this time, the family has some kind of jointly acquired property, common interests, or a field of activity linking them, whether it is maintaining your own home, working in the garden, building a summer house, or a small family business.

Probably, it was the appearance of strength in the family connection of husband and wife that was noticed by the people, who called the first anniversary of the second decade of family life rather symbolic - steel. The list of wedding anniversaries means that 11 years is the Steel Wedding, and this allows us to conclude that by this time the feelings of the spouses had passed the crucible of tests that transformed the strength of their relationship from chintz's severity to inviolability of steel.

Of course, steel cannot boast the beauty and nobility of precious metals, but its advantage is that it is strong. With the appropriate application of forces, she can get a sparkling and presentable form, and therefore the family requires some work during this period.

Perhaps people who have lived together for 11 years no longer have the passion and physical attraction that are inherent in the newlyweds, but this was replaced by complete mutual understanding, soul mates and unification into a single cohesive team. Although, as noted by sexologists, talking about the disappearance of feelings and desire is also not worth it. Simply, passion in this case usually gives way to the comfort of familiar caress and a complete understanding of each other's intimate needs.

11 years anniversary is celebrated, Steel Wedding, usually in the circle of the closest relatives and the most devoted friends. At the table should not be random people, only those who are ready with all their hearts to share the joy of family celebration.

Be sure to take on this holiday to bring their children and guests, too, with children. Children symbolize the beginning of a new period of family life, that is, entering the second decade,and their presence clearly shows that two generations came together in one place, which means that the youngest will receive the experience of an older one, and the older one will receive renewal and cleanliness.

Early in the morning, on the day of the celebration of the 11th anniversary of family life, before the arrival of guests with congratulations, it was customary in the old days to wash their husband and wife together. After bathing, the couple put on everything white and accepted congratulations from their children. Usually, the children sang the song “Ode to Marriage” and offered to take some objects to choose from, which, according to popular belief, made it clear how strong this union is.

To give on this day, of course, the best thing is something steel, but in no case “piercing-cutting”, because this is a very bad sign. It can be steel utensils, a service with steel decorations or other products made of this metal.

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 11 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :). The next anniversary is.

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