Overalls in wardrobe: comfort, convenience, elegance

The history of the suit

The first overalls could be seen back in the Middle Ages. Then this clothing was popular with jesters, wandering artists and magicians, because in overalls it was convenient to travel, their colors attracted the attention of passers-by, and sewing allowed to perform complex tricks. In the XVIII century, overalls moved from the wardrobe of jesters to the wardrobe of children of noble birth, sewed them from silk or satin at that time. Later, this type of clothing again became an integral part of the life of the working class - they were made from tarpaulin for gold miners, and a little later from denim for cowboys and farmers. In the last century, overalls became military uniforms for pilots, infantrymen and tankers.

In the overalls, not only work clothes, but also an interesting piece of clothing could be seen in the 1960s by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Cardin.They were the first to include coveralls in their collections. Denim overalls were created for everyday wear, for which you can thank the Pariant brothers.

How and what to wear overalls

The classics of the genre are denim overalls with rivets or knitted inserts as a decor. They can be short and long, practically do not require special care, which makes them the favorite clothing of young people.

For sports, you can choose overalls from light knitted fabrics - they allow the body to breathe and do not restrain movement.

To relax on the sea fit free silk or cotton patterns, beautifully developing in the wind. White flax overalls are literally created in order to emphasize the perfect tan, in such a dress you can appear at a romantic dinner by the sea. Spacious long overalls, characterized by bright colors, suitable for walking around the city on a warm day. If you dissolve your hair, allowing it to fall on its open shoulders, you can create an image that drives men crazy.

Classic forms are suitable for office work, and you can decorate them with bright elements - a “stand” collar, belts and buttons, single-cut sleeves. Some models can be combined with light jackets.

If the jumpsuit is made of silk or chiffon, it can be a wonderful evening dress. Enough to complement the image of shoes with heels and clutch and you can safely go to any celebration.