Plastic windows in Zheleznodorozhny

Tell me, it is necessary to put plastic windows in the Moscow region in Zheleznodorozhny. Grandma complains that it is very cold in the winter, they decided to replace her windows, but they still stand wooden. Have a good familiar wizard? It's expensive to order windows from Moscow.
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Railway is a big city. In any case, there should be companies that install windows. In extreme cases, Balashikha is definitely there. Look on the internet.
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Yes, there are masters in Zheleznodorozhny. Here, for example, you can order the installation of plastic windows here. It will even be cheaper for you, as they install windows directly from the manufacturer. Just do not save on accessories, and the mosquito is also better to order immediately. Let grandma not freeze, I think she will appreciate the new windows).
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If it is cold at the grandmother, then it is better to put windows not less than two cameras.Blowing will be much less, it will be warmer. I would have warmed the house, the outer wall.
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Zhirkov Timur
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Heat-saving windows need to be installed or here's the option. �and look where there is a gap, additionally to work with foam. If the walls are not insulated, then the windows will not help much, since the issue must be solved with the preservation of heat. In any case, do not tighten the problem.