Poor appetite in a child

Children, like adults, have their own natural constitution. Some have a wolfish appetite, regardless of the season and the presence of mood. Others eat moderately, focusing on various factors. But, they both eat enough to provide their bodies with everything they need. But, many moms have force feeding tactics. And then, the appetite disappears completely. Never force a child to eat up all the food from the plate. Such a rule in some children will cause a complete loss of appetite. The task of the mother should not be that the child has eaten, but that he has a desire to sit at the table to eat. Nature took care of the innate instincts, which definitely will not allow the baby to die of starvation. See it easier. Get creative to the task. Make a breakfast in the form of a fish or spider figure. For example, the middle of a spider from scrambled eggs, legs from cucumber, and ketchup, paint his eyes. Such an approach will not leave indifferent neither big nor small children.The child will definitely have an appetite from just one glance at the plate of food.

Sometimes a child is too monotonous food. For example, soup, pasta and sandwich. But this is nothing wrong. This behavior will not last forever. Some time will be so, but later he will begin to include in his diet the foods that his body will need. But, if this condition lasts a long time, check with the doctor, he may prescribe you additional vitamins.

Also, some mothers use a luring method for meals. They tell each time a fairy tale, or show a new toy. Such a method can be applied, not often, during illness, or simply feeling unwell. Once a child gets used to such a ritual, it will be very difficult to break the habit. Therefore, everything must be a measure. No wonder there is a saying: "When I eat, I am deaf and dumb." Explain to the older child its essence. How to behave at the table. To make food a real pleasure. Let him get used to, that at the table do not indulge. And Bon Appetit.