PP and its difficulties

Girls, here, girls. Look, I sat down on a ng not so long ago, then I realized that this was not enough, I went to the gym, then I realized that independent training was not enough either, I started to train with a coach once a week. And how much do you think I dropped? Zero, just zero. How can this be?


And how long have you been on the right path? A week ago?

If ... For almost four months now ...

Then I apologize, simply, there are those who have not eaten dumplings for a night for a night and complain that they do not lose weight. In general, this situation may be due to hormones or high cholesterol.

Hormones are normal, not so long ago were examined in this part, I do not know about cholesterol.

Here is a check, it is quite possible that the weight can rise from this. My friend was so simple, she also puffed up on simulators and to no avail. About it turned out later that the cholesterol, Rezalyut reduced and diet, of course.

It is better to be tested, and then choose how to lose weight

a guest21.08.18 13:05

I had it, my weight was standing for several years - I already wanted dietitians - to contact endocrinologists.Then she enrolled in an online weight loss program, where everything is in the complex - and training of various types, and nutrition. And - I connected more high-quality vitamins with polyprenols, because proper nutrition still does not guarantee obtaining all the necessary nutrients for the body.