Prince Harry meets with the star of "Force Majeure"

We have an occasion to review all the seasons of the series "Force Majeure" to once again admire the assistant lawyer, ambitious and responsive Rachel Zane (Megan Markle). And this time, not only to see how easy it is to wear pencil skirts and sheath dresses ... Take more! According to the latest rumors, Megan has a secret affair not with someone there (read, a colleague on the site), but with Prince Harry! The couple were seen together in London (the actress even received an invitation to the royal box at Wimbledon), and, according to the insiders, it's hard not to notice the chemistry between the two!

If the rumors are confirmed, then Megan Markle will break the chain of beautiful, but of the same type blondes, which Harry loves so much. The star of the series “Force Majeure” is 35 years old, she managed to get married (lasted 2 years) and get a divorce. The actress met the prince at the opening of the Invictus Games in Toronto: they talked about charity work in Africa (Harry rescues elephants,and Megan fights for gender equality), and later began to call up (recently, by the way, on the arm of the actress appeared a bracelet of beads, the same as the prince's - a coincidence or a gift?).