Princess Eugenia showed off the engagement ring with a rare sapphire

27-year-old Eugene and 31-year-old Jack, a former bartender and nightclub manager, met 7 years ago while on holiday in Switzerland. But, according to the princess, the offer was a “real surprise” for her. And while the couple remembers the romance of the moment, we cannot but pay attention to the engagement ring of Eugenia. After all, this is not just a diamond ring, but a ring with the rarest sapphire padparaja. This gem differs from other sapphires in its interesting pinkish-orange color and ... supernatural price (about 50,000 pounds per carat).

Publication from Clarence House (@clarencehouse)Jan 22, 2018 at 8:14 PST

Publication by Thomas Glover (@thomasgloverjewels)Jan 22, 2018 at 11:31 PST

Eugene demonstrated a ring with a stone of five carats just now, and not immediately after Jack made her an offer. It turned out that, despite all the romance, the groom decided not to rush into buying the rare ring, but first get an approving response from the bride. “I found a ring in a jewelry boutique, and then made an offer to Eugenia, but without it,” explained Jack.Upon returning to the UK, the couple immediately went to the jeweler, where they finalized the design of the ring, decorating the main stone with a scattering of diamonds.