Is psoriasis treatment at home real?


Psoriasis is one of the most well-known skin diseases, which, unfortunately, has not been fully studied and today has no exact treatment regimen. In most cases, psoriasis proceeds according to one general scheme, which consists in constantly changing each other's three main phases: everything begins with the stage of disease progression, smoothly flows into the stationary stage of the disease and the cycle ends with the regression of all symptoms.

Unfortunately, psoriasis is a chronic disease that is impossible to get rid of forever; only those determined with the help of special methods of treatment and procedures can prolong the remission period.

Externally, the disease is manifested in almost all cases the same way: pinkish rashes, which are converted to fairly large spots and peeling.

Alas, there is no aesthetics

At the beginning of the process, the specks have a small diameter, but, in time, they reach the size of the coin, merging to form large plaques.Most often, the disease affects the scalp, knees, elbows, and the front surface of the legs.

In most cases, the disease proceeds without much concern for the patient: only in 30% of cases itching, discomfort on the skin surface, and the effect of tightening can be observed. By itself, the disease rather delivers aesthetic inconvenience for its carrier, because not everyone can safely treat a person with unpleasant spots on the skin's surface.

Today it is difficult to offer a specific list of drugs or therapies, which in any case will relieve the patient from all signs of psoriasis. The fact is that there are a large number of varieties of the problem under consideration, each of which requires a special treatment.

In addition to all other methods of treatment of the patient should also depend on his age, individual characteristics, as well as the location and area of ​​the lesion. It often happens that a certain set of methods and preparations that is suitable for one person is completely different for another, even causing deterioration of the condition.

There are many ways to treat psoriasis, but to determine the most suitable, it may well be necessary to act through trial and error. By the way, it is very important, in addition to complex treatment, which the doctor prescribes, to carry out additional procedures at home, which can no less help the patient.

Causes and symptoms

If we turn to the sources of official medicine, then there is not a single official deduced and confirmed cause that could cause such a disease.

The only thing that is considered to be reliably confirmed is that psoriasis is not an infectious disease, that is, it is impossible to get infected from a patient by direct contact.

According to unofficial assumptions, it is believed that the reasons for the onset of psoriasis can be severe nerve shocks or emotional stress. Also, the occurrence of such a disease can be caused by a genetic predisposition, as well as disruptions in the weakened immune and endocrine systems of the body.

This is an extremely unpleasant disease.

The main symptoms are red spots, which over time can occur on the head, hands or other parts of the body, covered with small bright scales that appear starting from the center of the spots.Over the course of the disease, silvery loose scales almost completely cover the spots and, over time, stop multiplying, the spots stop growing, and become bluish.

When the first symptoms appear, the most correct thing is, of course, to contact a qualified specialist who can make a final diagnosis, prescribe a course of treatment and therapies that are necessary in your case.

There is a rather impressive list of methods that help to get rid of such unpleasant leisure, rather, but remember that none of the methods guarantees one hundred percent result.

Home Treatment

First of all, home treatment of psoriasis is a diet and the rules of healthy eating. In some specialized literature, you can find the opinions of experts who argue that the successful treatment of psoriasis is directly dependent on proper nutrition.

The fact is that the majority of patients with psoriasis suffer from severe disruptions in the process of metabolism, which can only be adjusted correctly by a healthy diet.First of all, according to experts, it is necessary to abandon products that contain large amounts of cholesterol, proteins and fats.

It is necessary to minimize the consumption of fatty meat, butter, sausages and liver. You also can not eat foods that contain red pigment, these include: red berries and fruits, ketchups, rosehips.

It is important to remember that the treatment of this disease is possible only with the patient’s complete refusal of alcohol and smoking, it is important to avoid nervous tension and stress.

In order to prolong the period of remission, it is important to observe some rules: wear only underwear made of natural fabrics, in the winter period under cotton woolen things. It is important to follow all the recommendations prescribed by the doctor, usually a number of drugs of internal and external influence are prescribed, which, at first glance, may not have a specific "target" purpose.

However, it is important to remember that the treatment is carried out in a comprehensive manner, in most cases it is the only way to overcome the disease. Traditional medicine and here has its own methods of treatment, some of which we will provide to your attention.

Cabbage pickle in the treatment of psoriasis

The usual cabbage brine is used to lubricate the affected areas of the body, allow it to dry and do not wash off after a few days. After the time has elapsed, the skin is lubricated again and repeated for a month, after which the skin should be cleansed.

Egg Yolk Ointment

An unusual but effective way, which involves the use of fertilized eggs, you can buy them in the market. Eggs need to boil hard boiled, then remove the yolk and crush it into mush.

Then the prepared mass is roasted in a clean and heated frying pan until an oily liquid forms (about 40 minutes of time). The resulting drug is filtered through cheesecloth, squeezed and formed liquid, smeared the affected places.

Treatment with tar

To treat psoriasis in this way, you need to buy a birch tar in the pharmacy, then smear them with reddened stains and leave the ointment for an hour, then rinse and lubricate the affected area with celandine. To achieve the effect, it is necessary to perform about 15 procedures.

River duckweed

Sometimes for the treatment of such an unpleasant disease using ordinary river duckweed, which can be found in any lake or river.Juice is squeezed out of the plant, with which it is necessary to lubricate red plaques. In addition to external application, duckweed can be taken inside: the grass is dried, and then added to the usual tea brew.

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