Review of the best hypoallergenic mascaras

If the usual cosmetics cause discomfort and irritation of the skin, most likely you need a hypoallergenic product. And how to choose a suitable mascara that will not cause unwanted reactions? Find out the features of the tool and the selection criteria.

Do you need such mascara?

Before choosing a remedy, find out if you are really prone to allergies. This will tell you about the symptoms occurring after the application of mascara:

  • redness of the eyelid skin;
  • itching, burning sensation or foreign body in the eyes;
  • redness of the conjunctiva and cornea of ​​the eye (mucous membranes and protein);
  • increased tearing;
  • swelling of eyes, hyperemia;
  • photosensitivity;
  • sneezing, nasal congestion.

If the listed manifestations are observed every time after eye makeup, most likely, you are really prone to allergies and have very sensitive skin.

What is hypoallergenic mascara different from usual?

The main feature of the hypoallergenic carcass is its composition, in which there should not be any component capable of causing undesirable reactions. The product may contain distilled or purified water, iron oxide, beeswax, natural oils (castor, burdock and others), glycerin, as well as vitamin supplements, for example, E, A.

The wax is used as a natural thickener and gives the product the desired texture. Glycerin acts as a solvent, softens other components, prevents their delamination and separation. Allergy this component does not cause. Iron oxide, which is added instead of pigmented dyes, does not provoke undesirable reactions. Water is the basis of mascara, provides a comfortable application. Oils and vitamins nourish the cilia, moisturize them, strengthen and restore the structure.

In ordinary carcasses, you can find parabens, carnauba wax, fragrances, propylene glycol, thimerisol, refined products, hydrogenated fatty acids. These components should not be irritating, but people with hypersensitive skin are allergic.

Rating best hypoallergenic carcasses

To make it easier for you to make a choice, explore the top of the best tools:

  1. Hypo-Allergenic Mascara by Isa Dora. This hypoallergenic mascara is inexpensive, which attracts shoppers. But affordable price is not the only advantage. The tool does not contain any hazardous component that could cause allergies. The bottle is concise and stylish, the brush is thin, which allows you to pay attention to each eyelash. The special formula makes the drying fast, so that after applying a blink on the eyelids will not remain traces.
  2. "Clinique high impact mascara". This is a universal tool that can be classified as luxury. It will not cause undesirable reactions, but it will strengthen and nourish the eyelashes. The unique shape of the brush applicator and the enveloping formula developed by cosmetologists make the application as comfortable as possible, increase the length and volume of each cilium without weighing down or causing the gluing effect.
  3. Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes. The product has passed ophthalmic control and can be used by owners of sensitive skin. The brush has a comfortable conical shape, mascara allows you to lengthen the eyelashes and make it more voluminous. And it includes a nourishing, anti-inflammatory and hydrating component - panthenol.
  4. Lumene's “Sensitive Touch” was developed with the help of an allergy-fighting federation, so it’s definitely suitable for people with allergies and will not cause discomfort. But this mascara perfectly separates the cilia. The applicator will ensure the application of the desired amount of composition and uniform distribution along the length. The composition has a caring component - blueberry extract. Wash off without effort.
  5. Avon's Uplifting Mascara lengthens and lifts the eyelashes, making the look more expressive and the eyes bright. The flexible brush guarantees a comfortable application, the carbon microfibers in the composition provide a really rich black color. And, of course, the mascara is hypoallergenic, so the lenses and sensitive eyes will not interfere.
  6. Mineral mascara brand «Mirra» has a safe base and light cream formula. In the composition there are strengthening calcium and magnesium. The product is evenly applied, provides delicate care and gives a beautiful color.
  7. "Inimitable Intense from Chanel" splits, lengthens and makes voluminous eyelashes in one motion. The brush is soft, and a special formula literally envelops each eyelash. The product is suitable for girls with sensitive eyes, as well as wearing lenses.
  8. “False Lashes from MAC” creates the stunning effect of false eyelashes, has a creamy light formula and a double brush, creates an enveloping velvet coating, lays down the perfect layer and paints in a rich color.
  9. Guilslain Cils D’enfer Mascara perfectly stains your eyelashes, giving them a rich, attractive color. The product is applied literally in one motion.
  10. "Volume Sprint Mascara", "Deborah". This voluminous mascara has been ophthalmologically tested and is considered safe for sensitive eyes. It is worn without lumps and evenly, does not crumble, retains brightness all day.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hypoallergenic carcasses have both advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the pros:

  • The option is suitable if you use contact lenses.
  • Cilia look well-groomed and natural, do not become heavier and practically do not stick together.
  • After application, no unpleasant sensations occur.
  • This mascara is quickly and easily removed with micellar water and other delicate makeup removers.
  • The product is ideally placed and easily applied.
  • The product not only improves the appearance of eyelashes, but also cares for them: moisturizes and strengthens.


  • After a few hours, the mascara can begin to crumble.
  • Hypoallergenic remedy can not be persistent.
  • There are no noticeable effects of increase and lengthening.
  • The color is not so saturated.
  • High price (compared to conventional carcasses).
  • Inexpensive and poor-quality mascara can form lumps, applied unevenly.

How to find out whether mascara will not cause allergies

How to choose the best mascara if you are in the store in front of the counter? The surest way is to conduct an allergic test, which will allow you to assess the risk of adverse reactions before buying. To do this, take a probe, open the bottle and apply a small amount of the composition to the wrist or earlobe (in these areas the skin is tender, as well as around the eyes). Next, observe for several hours after the treated area. If everything is in order, you can safely make a purchase. If there is redness, itching, burning, rashes, it signals an allergic reaction. Such mascara does not suit you exactly.

Tip! Before purchasing, be sure to smell it. If it has a sharp, chemical or unpleasant smell for you personally, make a choice in favor of another product.

Choose hypoallergenic mascara and enjoy beautiful eyelashes without discomfort!

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