Rules for installing a refrigerator

If you want a new refrigerator to last you longer, then you should start by properly installing it. This simple at first glance requirement is the key to long and reliable operation of the device, as well as a guarantee that you can avoid many problems in the future. In fact, it is easy to cope with this task, it is enough to simply take into account a few simple rules that we will present below.

Choose a place to install

Choosing the place where the refrigerator will be located is perhaps the most important point. Of course, you can install the unit in any convenient corner of the kitchen, but in this case it will be extremely difficult to guarantee its stable operation. According to the rules specified in any instruction manual, the following points should be taken into account:

  • Install the device out of direct sunlight (to avoid overheating);
  • place the unit at least 50 cm away from the batteries, oven and gas stove;
  • provide enough space for the door to fully open;
  • level the floor surface;
  • leave a certain space for air circulation (from the side of the wall and on the sides - 50 mm each, at the top - at least 100 mm), as in the case of poor ventilation the cooling system can fail;
  • guarantee the free movement of the device.

In order to meet all these requirements, you need to choose a place for installation in advance and take careful measurements. In some cases, you may even need to make changes to the kitchen layout, but rest assured that it is worth it.

Adjustment with support legs

Installing the refrigerator should be done on a perfectly flat floor, otherwise strong vibrations may occur, which over time will lead to device failure. But even if the floor is really perfect (it should be checked using a level), additional adjustment of the position of the unit is often necessary anyway.

All models of refrigerators have adjustable front legs, which are designed to ensure the correct position of the device. Note that the front of the refrigeration unit should be located slightly above the rear - this is the norm, which provides for easier opening and closing of the door.If the opposite is true and the back end is slightly higher than the front, then you need to turn both legs on the clock hand until the refrigerator is an example, you need a position. Similarly, you should act if the device is tilted to the right or left.

Please note that for the convenience of installing and adjusting the position of the refrigerator, some models' legs have small holes - a flathead screwdriver is inserted into them, which ensures a convenient and simple rotation of the element.

Network Connection

The most convenient way is to place the refrigerator near the outlet, which will allow you to connect it to the network without any problems. If the socket is far enough, then you should not use extension cords - they can simply not withstand the high power of the device. Therefore, in extreme cases, you will have to take care of installing an additional outlet. If power surges are possible in the house, then installing a special stabilizer, which will save equipment from premature failure, will not be superfluous.

Before you turn on the refrigerator for the first time, you need to free the chambers from foreign objects (packing paper, foam, etc.), and then how to clean the unit inside and out.In this way, you will get rid of the unpleasant smell that accompanies many devices and disinfect the interior. Also, after transportation, the refrigerator can still not be connected for at least 2 hours (in winter, the time may be doubled). It is necessary to sustain several hours in order that all details of the device of a detail heat up to the level of room temperature, and condensate evaporated.

General Refrigerator Tips

Whichever refrigerator you choose, the rules for installing and using it will be about the same. It is necessary to regularly clean the cells in the chambers, cleaning them from dirt, and also to defrost the unit in a timely manner (unless, of course, you have a device that operates on the basis of the No Frost system). It is also important to evenly place the products in the chambers and to avoid overloading. At the same time, different types of food should be placed in the respective zones and compartments of the chambers.

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