Sanguine: who is it?

Alena Peschanskaya
Alena Peschanskaya
March 25, 2013
Sanguine: who is it?

The classification of psycho-types that Hippocrates suggested long before our era has been used in psychology until now. Depending on temperament, people are classified into four types: phlegmatic, choleric, melancholic and sanguine. The latter are most in percentage terms. Despite the fact that pure psycho-types are quite rare, the dominant one can be determined by the combination of features inherent in each type.

Sanguine: who is it

A person is agile and easy-going, with expressive facial expressions and rich gestures, he instantly reacts to a change in situation, failures do not knock him out of a rut, but make him act even more vigorously. Sanguine can not stand the routine, he constantly needs new experiences.

Sanguine is the soul of the company, he is an excellent speaker and has the natural gift of persuasion, so he successfully realizes himself in politics, in the bar, in media structures and in advertising. But, he is also comfortable in professions that require work with his hands.

These people are given relatively easily, so they can be called favorites of fortune, and if something does not work, then their stable nervous system allows them to adapt to various life situations without much effort.

So, sanguine. Characteristics of his strengths and weaknesses


Sanguine people feel a very peculiar way of time, their internal clocks go a little faster than everyone else, so they manage to do as much in an hour as the other does not have time in three hours. For the same reason, they are never late.

People of this type are very efficient, learn quickly and easily perceive innovations. They are sociable, so they easily fit into any team, are full of optimism and vital energy, easily tolerate stressful situations, do not like quarrels and squabbles, therefore they often act as peacekeepers.

Weak sides

Sanguine badly endures the routine, monotony and monotony turn him into an amoeba, without new impressions he loses interest in everything, in work - first of all.

Sanguine does not tolerate the framework, it is closely in a limited space, so it’s quite difficult for him to start a family.

Among the many of his friends and friends, there is hardly a true friend, he does not share his experiences with anyone, but it is not his nature to listen to the revelations.

Nevertheless, people of this type are able to turn their shortcomings into advantages, with them it is easy and comfortable, and every day can be a bright holiday.