Schooling a child to the pot

I am a young mother, so in my life, as in the life of any parent, a moment came when questions flashed through my head: how to accustom the child to the pot? At what age? And suddenly cry? And you never know? But now, to my happiness, this time has passed, my daughter goes to the pot, and I can share my own tips with you on my own experience. I hope they will help you.

1.Calm, only calm!

When it comes to a child, you should be absolutely calm and confident in what you are doing (at least outwardly), because the child feels your nervousness and excitement, and accordingly, he will be nervous and nothing will happen.

2.Do not listen to anyone!

You do not need to listen to a grandmother, who proves that in her time, children from birth went to the pot, or a friend who brags that her child is already going to defend herself - you should not give a damn! Skip this information past your ears, otherwise you will feel like a “non-woman” and torture your child with convulsive attempts at planting, you will think that he is “not like that.”When and how to teach your child is your business and this should not concern anyone.

3.All children are different

All children have an individual development: someone has gone before, and someone has started cutting teeth before. The child is not a tram and only approximate statistics is given in the books; nothing will be in time. Accordingly, focus on your child and his readiness for anything. Personally, our family got the following situation: I tried to put my daughter on a pot a year, but her ass fell into a hole (she was skinny) and she, of course, frightened her — it all ended in tears; then I tried to put her on the pot after a year and a half, but for reasons I didn’t understand, she screamed and got up with force from the pot - only then I realized that she was simply not emotionally ready for this, because 3 days before she was 2 years old she was just she began to go to the pot. My surprise and joy knew no bounds. Maybe you have a similar situation and just need to wait?

4.By the hour

They say that kids usually want to go to the toilet about 20 minutes after eating (maybe your baby has a different way and you know your time), so, if your child refuses to sit on the pot,start planting your child around when you need to use the toilet - periodically you will fall in and get used to it. And give up diapers (at least in the daytime, if you wear them) - because if the baby pulls up his pants, he will understand that this is unpleasant (in the diaper, you will not understand).

5.In the toilet together

Do not expel the child from the toilet - let him look and learn, because children tend to repeat after adults.

I think if you follow these simple tips - you will succeed, and do not torture yourself or the child. Nowadays, early schooling begins in several cases:

1) The child himself is ready.

2) Desire to brag.

3) Savings - not enough money for diapers, and constantly cleaning the floors, cleaning carpets and washing is not easy.

But if age is approaching 5-6 years, and problems with the toilet still arise - you should contact your pediatrician.